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Top 7 Engineering Universities in the Southwest Region

People around the world have highest regards for the universities in Southwest region of the United States of America. In facts, it has produced more scholars and researchers than universities in any other parts of the world. This is why students around the world prefer further education in this region. Universities in southwestern region of … Continue reading

Science Apps For Fast Facts

Science apps are technology’s answer to a teacher’s “turn to page 312” and it can be used beyond the classroom as well as in a classroom environment. Not only are apps fast and easy to use, but they provide a level of interactivity textbooks inherently don’t possess, which makes them an outstanding tool for learning. … Continue reading

Ideal Innovation Transforming Online Education!

The colossal developments in the field of Science and Technology have revolutionized the different spheres of the world significantly. From politics to sports to business to entertainment, every aspect augments utter adeptness and perfection. The education system is new to join the league of revolutionary innovative advancements. The concept of digital learning is making rounds all over. It is … Continue reading

Gift baskets for conveying messages to new born babies

Gift items are playing a predominant role in modern life today to share happiness with others while celebrating important events. The birth of a new child brings extreme joy within a family as most parents want to celebrate it with friends and relatives. Some even prefer gift items for expressing their wishes to a new … Continue reading

Science Fair Around the Corner? Five Fun and Quick Experiments for Your Child

Science fairs are great for the future of our country as our youth become interested in and learn science. They’re also an excellent way to spend quality time with our children as we offer assistance and keep them and our homes safe from their efforts!  Yet, coming up with a good science fair project can … Continue reading

National Grid Pilots New ‘Smart Grid’

In Worcester, MA, National Grid has launched a pilot program for a ‘smart grid’, which will enable consumers to observe their energy usage in real time. Domestic Energy consumption will always be a massive issue for governments and consumers, in terms of both the impending environmental catastrophe and consumers vying for the best energy deal. … Continue reading

5 Important Points to Consider When Buying Medical Supplies

There are many types of medical supplies ranging from medicines to equipment. Medical centers, clinics and other institutions that care for patients need the medical supplies to carry out their daily operations effectively. When buying the supplies, you need to make sure that you look at the options available before you make the final decision. … Continue reading

The Science Behind a Seizure

Author Introduction Jessica Reynolds loves all aspects of science, especially astronomy and black holes. She discovered this fascination while taking a high school Physics course. She makes a living by writing, currently for scientific poster printer, a division of MegaPrint. I was appalled when I began searching for “seizure basics” on the Internet. The … Continue reading

Fun Science for Friday Nights

Here’s the deal… to go out and make the best and most fun science beats for our audience to enjoy, even on a Friday night, we had to put only two videos per page. So, we are continuing the amazing fun science series from first. Fun Science on Youtube deserves the utmost respect for not only inspiring this … Continue reading

Truth is Hard to Sell, Science Included

The difficulty with “selling science” is rooted in basic human psychology. We humans are very good at categorizing things, and extremely good at shoehorning things into those categories. A “side effect” of that ability is the desire to have things with definitive answers. Science cannot provide that, thus passing science along to people who make … Continue reading

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