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Learning the Truth- My Theory of Everything

  So its pretty much finished. My quest to find the ultimate question and answer it. And wouldn’t you know it certainly can be written as 9 X 7 = 42 with some subscripts. That being said I will use our love for beloved Adams by keeping that form for the one inch of certainty physicists … Continue reading

Marijuana and its Effect on the Brain – Is Addiction Inevitable?

Marijuana is commonly believed to be one of the least addictive drugs available, especially to advocates for legalizing the plant for general use. Advocates for marijuana legalization cite statistics that the drug does not kill anyone and that it is proven to be non-addictive. As the debate over legalization boils over on the heated political oven, scientists … Continue reading

Science Apps For Fast Facts

Science apps are technology’s answer to a teacher’s “turn to page 312” and it can be used beyond the classroom as well as in a classroom environment. Not only are apps fast and easy to use, but they provide a level of interactivity textbooks inherently don’t possess, which makes them an outstanding tool for learning. … Continue reading

6 Ways to See the World Through the Eyes of a Scientist

Scientists view the world, both figuratively and often literally, through a different lens. Much of what we know and take for granted in everyday life would not be accessible had it not been transformed through the vision of a scientist. Looking Large Our understanding of the entire cosmos would be limited to only that which … Continue reading

Ideal Innovation Transforming Online Education!

The colossal developments in the field of Science and Technology have revolutionized the different spheres of the world significantly. From politics to sports to business to entertainment, every aspect augments utter adeptness and perfection. The education system is new to join the league of revolutionary innovative advancements. The concept of digital learning is making rounds all over. It is … Continue reading

Gift baskets for conveying messages to new born babies

Gift items are playing a predominant role in modern life today to share happiness with others while celebrating important events. The birth of a new child brings extreme joy within a family as most parents want to celebrate it with friends and relatives. Some even prefer gift items for expressing their wishes to a new … Continue reading

Robotics Engineering: Revolution in the Making!

The engineering in Robotics and Automation is being tagged as the most in-demand and hottest career option for the budding engineers spread across the globe. The engineering is conferred to deploy several automatic control systems and information technologies so as to cut down the need for humans in the production of goods and services. Basically, … Continue reading

Careers in Computing

Please welcome our newest author Erin Nelson an up and coming computer analyst. There are three careers in computing that interest me. The first is programming and I have been doing that for over two years now. The second is networking which I have been exposed to in the professional environment. The third is system … Continue reading

Changing Site a Little

For those that are interested in writing for us again, we are in need of something new! More jargon! That’s right, we are setting up some sectional blogs for experts! These will be promoted throughout our social media on a daily basis and through special newsletters each blog will support. The home page won’t change … Continue reading

How It’s Made: 5 Processes That Have been Automated

Automation is becoming much more commonplace in the world for many reasons. It’s cheaper, it lessens the time needed for certain processes, and it alleviates time to complete other tasks that already can’t be automated. These are five processes that you might be surprised to find that are automated in the world today. Surgery It … Continue reading

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