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How Do Driverless Vehicles Work

The driverless vehicles that are commonplace in science fiction films are no longer the fantastical concepts they once seemed. In the past decade, several automotive manufacturers and technological organisations have achieved ground breaking advancement in the field of autonomous vehicles. From innovative braking systems to valet parking capabilities, these breakthroughs hint towards a future wherein … Continue reading

Learning the Truth- My Theory of Everything

  So its pretty much finished. My quest to find the ultimate question and answer it. And wouldn’t you know it certainly can be written as 9 X 7 = 42 with some subscripts. That being said I will use our love for beloved Adams by keeping that form for the one inch of certainty physicists … Continue reading

Digital Innovation and It’s Personalization of Self: No Longer Abstract Notions

Today we see world leaders posting selfies and the Dalai Lama writing inspirational tweets. Each of us have our own personal online profiles, e-mail accounts and range of devices that we personalise endlessly. Digital innovation and personalization has finally reached all four corners of the globe; it’s become a normal part of our daily life … Continue reading

Total Hip Replacement – Definition, Why It’s Done, And How Should You Prepare

You have tried everything, almost everything, but still the hip pain is holding you back from living your life the way you want. You want to jog; you want to jump in air; you want to go up and down the stair fleet in a jiffy; but the hip pain is stopping you from doing … Continue reading

For the Love of Quantum Physics:

Examples of its Superpowers By: Anand Surampudi Lately, the light of quantum physics has been spreading across subjects which were once casted away as untouchables by conventional physicists, such as afterlife. Now I am seeing an extraordinary mingling. A mind-bending duet. The impossible synergy of physics and spirituality. One of the exemplary achievements of the adventurous … Continue reading

Top 7 Engineering Universities in the Southwest Region

People around the world have highest regards for the universities in Southwest region of the United States of America. In facts, it has produced more scholars and researchers than universities in any other parts of the world. This is why students around the world prefer further education in this region. Universities in southwestern region of … Continue reading

Marijuana and its Effect on the Brain – Is Addiction Inevitable?

Marijuana is commonly believed to be one of the least addictive drugs available, especially to advocates for legalizing the plant for general use. Advocates for marijuana legalization cite statistics that the drug does not kill anyone and that it is proven to be non-addictive. As the debate over legalization boils over on the heated political oven, scientists … Continue reading

Science Apps For Fast Facts

Science apps are technology’s answer to a teacher’s “turn to page 312” and it can be used beyond the classroom as well as in a classroom environment. Not only are apps fast and easy to use, but they provide a level of interactivity textbooks inherently don’t possess, which makes them an outstanding tool for learning. … Continue reading

6 Ways to See the World Through the Eyes of a Scientist

Scientists view the world, both figuratively and often literally, through a different lens. Much of what we know and take for granted in everyday life would not be accessible had it not been transformed through the vision of a scientist. Looking Large Our understanding of the entire cosmos would be limited to only that which … Continue reading

Ideal Innovation Transforming Online Education!

The colossal developments in the field of Science and Technology have revolutionized the different spheres of the world significantly. From politics to sports to business to entertainment, every aspect augments utter adeptness and perfection. The education system is new to join the league of revolutionary innovative advancements. The concept of digital learning is making rounds all over. It is … Continue reading

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