Providing Freelance Science Writing Services World Wide

Got something scientific?

Know that it would be profilic

If only you could be specific

At least to those who are explicit

Then teaming up would be terrific!

I specialize in science, technology and engineering in terms of communications and business development and can offer the best services in writing, web communications and consultations to all clients interested in great rates and great results.

Pricing Information

  1. I offer project based rates so please use the contact form to get your free estimate.
  2. Services are completely personalized and specialized to serve client’s needs.
  3. Here are some general rates listed to help estimate and understand how many services I provide.
Pricing subject to change (USD).
Services Exclusive Non-Exclusive (Always SHared) Original Publication (One-Time Use)
Writing .75/Word .25/Word .10/Word
Web Design 50.00/Page 25.00/Page 10.00/Page
List/Lead Generation 5.00/Lead 1.00/Lead (Min 10) N/A
Social Media Marketing 50.00/Day/Account 25.00/Day/Account 10.00/Message/Entire Network (140 Characters Max)
Presentations 10.00/Page 5.00/Page 5.00/Page
Consulting $1000 Set up fee $500 Set up fee $1000/day in US or $5000 anywhere
Home Office of •
Charlotte, MI •

I have partnered with start ups for no money upfront and can do this with your start up business too!

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Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Tech Savvy People, and Writers

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