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Train to become a certified science writer, producer, and/or entrepreneur. Receive your training and be available and marketable for the latest  jobs in 6 weeks or less.

To be honest, I’m not in it for the money and these courses generate on average $1000 in expenses for me. With editing, publishing marketing, business management, course supplies, headache medicine, and the list goes on and on, I generate at least $1000 of worth for each student who enters my training courses.

But I am willing to give away each course for only $389 US dollars (USD), for a limited time.

Why? Because I’m in it for the introvert. I have been training others, from many walks of life, how to communicate for over a decade. The one group, niche, whatever, that has failed to reach me was that of the introverts like scientists, technologists and engineers. And to be perfectly honest, the textbooks and other content from these genres have also been lending signs of a very dry coaching market.

You can’t take the “i” out of introvert; I know because I was once only an introvert myself. This meant that to read a science textbook that didn’t make me cringe, I would either have to personally write it or figure out a way to reach the secluded type. So I did both, just to make sure.

After I wrote E-Marketing Science I thought, “I will have to invade their living quarters… so why not reach ’em through the internet?” and all the services and products I provide are the results.

This is the only place to find the best courses in science communications.

Currently only available to people willing to submit an original sample of science related content for initial evaluation and eventual publication on our site and in future productions.

Earn intense and proper training in our:

Professional Science Writing Apprenticeship

Science Communications Program

Science Entrepreneurship

  • Master Science Writing Editing for Critics, Reviewers, and Analysts
  • Get Published Become a Science Author
  • Conquer Online Science Communications for Everyone!!!
  • Start Your Own Professional Blog That Reaches the Multi-verse (Just Checking)
  • Create Your Own Small Profitable Business! This is for real folks. Get Started NOW!

If you’re interested in the fastest growing writing, communications and “biz dev” industry, ever and FOREVER! Then sign up today! We do offer financial assistants to those who qualify. Tell us why you qualify to be funded for the future of science writing, in 100 words or less, in the form below, and all of this could be yours FOR FREE.


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Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Tech Savvy People, and Writers

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