About Us

Freelance Science Writing Jobs Coming Soon

Or are they already here?

Start a freelance science writing career!

Need some advice on how

To have fun and make money now.

It’s science from home all day and night

When the time is wrong or when it’s right.

We are reaching out to let you know

We need your ability  for those

Passionate people that just can’t say

What’s on their minds in the right way.

Our Affiliations, Past and Present Clients

What Does Richard Bring to

I have many years experience in the realms of science. I founded this place and will continue to support the development of science communications until the day I die.

What Does Nisha Bring to

At least 7 articles, and more to come. I plan to start a science blog because of the experience this site has given me. I performed well enough to start accepting my own clients in less than a couple of months so I stay busy with my science writing.

What Does Soumashree Bring to

The Institute of Molecular Medicine, The Centre for Genomic Application, these are the companies where I have built up over 6 years experiene in the science industry. I will contribute to the betterment of human life with expertise in a scientific discipline. I have been in the biotechnology industry for many years and am looking forward to working in a healthy environment and execute high-end research to make lives more meaningful.

At present, I am pushing forward to enter the world of internet journalism and produce content beneficial to all. I desire to make the scientific community and laymen aware of the many scientific developments through writing science articles.



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