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Ideal Innovation Transforming Online Education!

Concept map describing activities offered by u...

Concept map describing activities offered by universities to encourage integrative learning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The colossal developments in the field of Science and Technology have revolutionized the different spheres of the world significantly. From politics to sports to business to entertainment, every aspect augments utter adeptness and perfection. The education system is new to join the league of revolutionary innovative advancements.

The concept of digital learning is making rounds all over. It is a pioneering step ahead in the field of education sector. Now studying is no more boring and tedious. The idea of online study came into being after realizing the fact that today’s generation spends most of their time in the virtual world only. Online education is being termed as an impeccable or the need of the hour concept for effective learning. It assists in developing experts over freshers (or untrained). Thus, the specific idea results providing practical knowledge to the students.

English: concept map of Digital Textbook

English: concept map of Digital Textbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Digital learning is classroom learning through several online tutorials, animated educational videos, and video courses. The education system imparts visual based lectures making the learning much easier and effective. The groundbreaking technology results in sheer enhance learning-ability quotient that eventually leads in improving the overall performance of the student.

The DragonFly is a company what deals with introducing the concept of effective digital learning in several engineering based institutions. The first-time ever concept proves to be a boon for the educational system. DragonFly MasterClass, is designed with an aim of proffering effective teaching, through making impressive use of animations and technology.

The courseware intends to inculcate the strong learning ability of institutions thus upgrading the educational standards of the country. It provides a holistic 360 learning solution through three strong pillars viz. E-campus, E-community and E-assessment.  A mix of these three pillars results in efficient visual-based classroom teaching stuff, smooth assessment programs and a platform where student community can share knowledge.

E-learning (left page)

E-learning (left page) (Photo credit: mushon)

The teaching material includes animated videos that explain conceptual topics through various real-life examples providing greater understanding and retention level among students. As visual learning is always more graspable! The teaching material is accordance with the syllabus followed by the technical university thus forming sync with the government.

The courseware is organized into planned lectures. Thus, saving the faculty time and giving them a pre-planned view for the topics to be finished off per lecture. The entire syllabus is categorized into definitions, diagrams, applications and derivations. The continuous assessment process comprises quizzes what help the professors in keeping the check on the understanding level of students. It gives all new meaning to the classrooms!

Engineering comes alive through virtual classrooms. The methodology constitutes standardized and well-structured process of learning and application techniques. The MasterClass Solution is based on the system called as a TOOL (The Theory of Organized Learning).

Benefits of virtual classrooms include high attendance, high motivational levels, impressive results, and enhanced communication skills among students. It is an improved concept delivery system through various multimedia aids. It brings constancy and consistency in the teaching process across classrooms.

In short, it serves as an ideal innovation which transforms the educational system significantly.

Author :

Amitabh Vira is accredited to introduce the concept of first ever digital learning with DragonFly Education. After proving the mettle in the fields of Information technology and advertising, Amitabh Vira has now upturned the education area with an idea of DragonFly master Classes. The online study involves the learning through animated educational videos and virtual class rooms.

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