E-Marketing Science

Warning: New aged e-marketing tips designed for scientists ahead….

Ever Wonder Why Some Ideas Are More Popular Than Others?

Who Makes That Decision?

The audience does. You know…the target audience that marketers are always talking about.

Join the “e-marketing revolution” that those old fashion marketers don’t want you to know about….

From: Richard Nelson
RE: E-Marketing Science

Dear Fellow Scientist, Engineer, or Designer:

It’s a tough task, using cutting edge ideas to both appease your peers and impress the rest. It takes years of dedication, pouring your heart and soul into something we can all believe in. It can be a real set back when what you’ve accomplished has little respect and gets even less recognition.

Don’t Let This Happen to You EVER AGAIN Because Today You’ve Discovered

 E-Marketing Science

“Anyone with e-marketing skills can become a bonafide marketing firm.” Those words are right from the mouth of a disgruntled “high gloss” marketer. Start your journey right now, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. And something you believe in.

  • Take any idea, invention, or product directly to its target, all yourself in a flash.
  • Get your information discovered by the right people, like investors and new clients.
  • Learn what to use in the sea of internet technologies to focus your voice and reach.
  • Become a leader and take back your confidence to create, explore and discover.

Purchasing E-Marketing Science really is an investment. It has been designed to let you go at your own pace, in a fashion that feels like you’re having your hand held the whole way.


Our Best Seller:

E-Marketing Science

Parts 1-3 will take you from never been on a computer to a professional science communications platform designer. With nearly 50 sections, dozens of assignments, case studies, real examples, and more.

Part 4 is dedicated to advanced techniques even professional e-marketers aren’t using yet.

Click here for more details

Understanding the most obscure yet interesting knowledge of science, engineering and modern design, gave me a drive to want to tell others about what I discovered earning my BSc Biochemical Engineering. As a scientist first, I knew I needed test all of the information provided in E-Marketing Science. That’s why I’d like you to explore my website before giving you the chance to buy this, the exact model I explain in the book can be seen HERE.

Get instant access right now.

Yes! I have explored the site and need E-Marketing Science:

    • You’ll get to buy directly from me, saves money
    • Instant guidance to your target audience, like a paved road
    • Give your discoveries, information, or inventions the ultimate reach without ever spending a penny


Still not sure? Take an extra look at my website, I created it all myself and reach thousands of people EVERYDAY!


Richard Nelson

Founder of

P.S. Marketers always use a “P.S.” for a last chance hooking point. Don’t Be Fooled!



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