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Top 7 Engineering Universities in the Southwest Region


NASA (Photo credit: Luke Bryant)

People around the world have highest regards for the universities in Southwest region of the United States of America. In facts, it has produced more scholars and researchers than universities in any other parts of the world. This is why students around the world prefer further education in this region.

Universities in southwestern region of the America have contributed significantly to the modern engineering. They have a prolific list of engineers, scientists and technologists who revolutionized the field of engineering with their outstanding contributions.

Let’s have look at 7 of the most prestigious universities in the southwestern region of United States of America:

1.    Stanford University

Stanford University is among the top universities in the world. It has been competed with the likes of Oxford University. It is particularly famous for its school of engineering. The School Of Engineering offers graduate and undergraduate programs in nine different areas of engineering including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and bioengineering. The university boasts 58 noble Prize winners and is credited with producing 17 NASA astronauts.

2.    University of California

University of California is among the most high-profile institute in the state of California. The University of California stands for the true philosophy of education and which is why it has been the most sought after university among students. The institution offers courses in all major subjects of engineering that include: aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering and electronic engineering to name a few. The University of California currently accommodates over 22,000 students and is among the top 10 universities around the world.

Glen Canyon Dam  Bridge - Page Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam Bridge – Page Arizona (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

3.    University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is the oldest university since the Arizona chartered as a state. The university currently enrolls over 2200 potential engineers in various fields. University of Arizona has a rich academic history with 125 years of excellence in education. It has produced some notable names in different fields that include Ray Oglethorpe (Ex-President of AOL), Don Petit (Astronaut in NASA) and David Allais (Bar Code inventor) to name a few.

4.    University of Texas

Located in Austin, the University of Texas is among the largest institution of United States of America. The institute offers engineering courses in areas of aerospace, biomedical, mechanical, environmental and architectural studies etc. Founded in 1883, the university has been considered as the best engineering institution in Texas.

5.    University of Utah College of Engineering

The University Of Utah College Of Engineering is an engineering institution of University of Utah. The college offers various engineering courses to students under graduate and undergraduate programs. The most popular engineering courses of the college include: computer engineering, bioengineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. The institute was founded in 1890 and has since then passed out over 19,000 engineers.

6.    Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers specialized programs for students who want to pursue a career in space engineering. The institute integrates the concepts of civil and mechanical engineering in the context of space exploration. The faculty offers courses regarding research and design to gain knowledge in the areas of space science.

English: The Agassiz statue in front of the Zo...

English: The Agassiz statue in front of the Zoology building (now building 420), Stanford University, California. San Francisco Earthquake 1906 Français : Tremblement de terre de San Fransisco en 1906. Statue de Louis Agassiz devant le batiment de zoologie (aujourd’hui 420) de l’Université Stanford (Stanford, Californie). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7.    University of Oklahoma College of Engineering

The University Of Oklahoma College Of Engineering is an engineering institution Located in Norman in the state of Oklahoma. The university has been the attraction of potential engineering students for ages. The institute offers graduate, undergraduate and doctorate degrees in sixteen different fields of engineering including the areas of computer science, electrical, mechanical and architectural studies. The university has a long history of producing eminent engineers in popular fields engineering.

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