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For the Love of Quantum Physics:

English: Classical and modern Physics theories...

English: Classical and modern Physics theories with their domain application. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Examples of its Superpowers

By: Anand Surampudi

Lately, the light of quantum physics has been spreading across subjects which were once casted away as untouchables by conventional physicists, such as afterlife. Now I am seeing an extraordinary mingling. A mind-bending duet. The impossible synergy of physics and spirituality.

One of the exemplary achievements of the adventurous “information theory,” for instance, is to let physicists mathematically think and wander through abstract philosophical concepts, such as consciousness.

Each of the two, physics and spirituality, are known to be the most powerful arenas (regarded highly exclusive from each other) that the ever-evolving, self-conscious mankind explores and expands. It is hard to imagine what they could rise up to if they join hands in the journey to a common destiny; perhaps infinity becomes only the first stop in the journey. I tried to put it as abstract as possible, since the abovementioned synergy sounds too abstract to believe.

While the open-minded scientists like Sir Penrose has always been aware of the overarching ability of physics, realized not just conceptually but through objective experimental evidences, the significant number of widespread physicist gangs still refuse to accept the multi polarities and polynomial possibilities.

German physicists Max Planck (c. 1930)

German physicists Max Planck (c. 1930) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard or read somewhere, not sure if it is just a legend or fiction, that Max Planck felt highly disgusted about having to announce his trailblazing discovery of quanta and discrete energies, just because he took classical physics as one of the two religions he followed with tremendous faith, the other being his original religion-“religion”. He thought it was unacceptable and unorthodox that classical physics had to be majorly modified to make it right in a set of physical conditions. Ever since, it appears science has taken a trail that it has never seen before.

Perhaps, physicists of these old times were in an illusion as if, gone were those days when men of Galilean or Socratic thoughts were reprimanded or sentenced to death. They might have also felt a great deal of open-mindedness spreading across the global community of science since everybody was allowed to do science (unstoppable Madame Marie Curie too faced this brutal orthodox religio-science). But the fact by then was that these orthodox restrictions still held the wings of science too tight to even think of flying over the set borderline, known as classical physics. Scientific thoughts beyond this rock-solid, established realm with imagined borderline were instantly rebuked. Not until these revolutionary paradigm-shifting findings of Planck’s contemporaries – which nature herself might have provided – that science got to fly in freedom. Restrictions might still exist today but it surely appears like science is evolving in the process toward a positive destiny.

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