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Learning the Truth- My Theory of Everything

  So its pretty much finished. My quest to find the ultimate question and answer it. And wouldn’t you know it certainly can be written as 9 X 7 = 42 with some subscripts. That being said I will use our love for beloved Adams by keeping that form for the one inch of certainty physicists have always dreamed of.

  Now its definitely an m-theory,  where the numbers 9, 7, 4, an origin and 2 for “42” are important and assumptions are made with them.

  Simply 9 is the number of space like dimensions, 7 is the number that looks most like the graph which displays the energy involved with space transforming into gravitons and back. Plus 7 is the number of massive particles configurations our universe (information structure) has and all solutions take the form, or look like solutions of, 4 tori colliding simultaneously. Which happens to produce very few symmetric solutions which means optimized chirality (2 (right and left handed solutions)).

  The number of assumption is hard to consider right now but the basic assumptions are: that everything outside information structures is void or discontinuities (D-3 Branes) within this infinite void. Space like dimensions come in sets of three. Information is not lost and the holographic principle is conserved within this void plus optimized within information structures which all start out (Many Worlds) as D-6 Branes from the collisions of these D-3 Branes.

  From there a very detailed and new form of string theory can be developed. It takes the form of a supersymmetric open string theory with strong ties to the ADS/CFT models.

  Caught up yet? It would seem that programmers have an easier time with it then physicists.

  Its just a 9 matrix Times (X) by another call it a 7 matrix always gives a 42 matrix (9X7=42).

  But, in this form it gives scientists the power to know what dark energy is, what dark matter is, or in other words it lets crazy monkeys play with the other 95% of the universe. And so begins the philosophical journey of containing great power. I seek great wisdom indeed.

By: Rich

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