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Robotics Engineering: Revolution in the Making!

roboticsThe engineering in Robotics and Automation is being tagged as the most in-demand and hottest career option for the budding engineers spread across the globe. The engineering is conferred to deploy several automatic control systems and information technologies so as to cut down the need for humans in the production of goods and services. Basically, Robotics and Automation is an outcome of excessive industrialization and globalization.  

In our regular routine of washing clothes to cooking to air conditioners to automobiles, Automation and Robotics play an indispensable part of human life! Automation and robotics is surely a step forward to mechanization. It assists in curtailing both the physical and mental stress of human beings. The risk-prone tasks which were tedious to carry earlier are now being simplified with such a colossal development in Science and Technology.

Every person needs to make the use of technology in order to match the needs of Smart World. Men-like machines are bringing possibility in every impossible tasks or activities and results in greater productivity as well. Thus, simplifying human life beyond imagination!

Robotics is one of the most incredible inventions made by modern Science till date. Robots have revolutionized the world significantly and are reckoned as a boon for the society.

Automation & Robotics Engineering serves as a platform where the aspirants can learn the real and virtual world applications. If you dream to build your own Robo, enroll yourself in the Gulzar Group of Institute (GGI). It is the only North Indian College which has ushered in the most-sought after engineering course of Automation and Robotics in its syllabi after realizing its bright career potential. The institute offers engineering programs in various fields comprising Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computers, and Civil.

A & R Engineering is the all-new interdisciplinary branch of Technology that deals with creating, developing, controlling, maintaining and designing the applications of Robots. To develop a robot, one must have the technical expertise of electronics, computers, science and biology. It brings a wide career scope for the engineers in different engineering fields.

GGI believes in the all-around development of the students through the academic conducive environment, different activities, cultural programs, sports, competitions, events, industrial visits and workshops.

Automation and robotics engineering acts as a guide in selecting best career opportunities in manufacturing, research and innovation, nuclear, agriculture, mining, power-plant maintenance and a various other areas. Moreover, there is a brilliant scope for competent experts to affiliate themselves with different segments of R & D in robotics. Recently, with an advent of Robotics and Automation in modern warfare and nano-technology, myriad of job options open up for technical experts and researchers.

In the medical arena, robotic engineering plays an imperative role in taking up difficult surgeries. It is well accepted by medical pros’ spread across the globe. The advanced technology is adopted to meet the desired level of success. The handling of such high-tech machines depends on the expert knowledge. Eventually it contributes in increasing the career opportunities in the sector of automation and robotics.

In a nutshell, Robotics and Automation Engineering works wonder in leading a hassle-free life!

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Gurkirat Singh

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