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How to Eliminate Depression and Anxiety


Anxiety (Photo credit: Rima Xaros)

Anxiety and depression are mental disorders that prevent us from developing our normal lives, alter our habits and behaviors and affects our relationships in general, work, family, etc.

These disorders are manifested through symptoms in response to long periods of stress or distress or danger exists only in our minds.

These symptoms can be physical as palpitations, dizziness, muscle tremors, difficulty breathing, sweating, abdominal pain, pangs, fatigue … or physical origin such as anxiety, fear, lack of concentration, insecurity, escape or avoidance, obsession, irritability, exhaustion, sadness, etc.

Common causes of suffering any of these disorders are exaggerated and repeated concerns and the difficulty to adapt to changes in our personal or professional life.

How to Cure Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are conditions that can be controlled by some simple exercises, performed regularly, a few times a day, will help to significantly reduce these annoying symptoms even make them disappear completely, encouraging relaxation and bringing a state of calmness and greater control in stressful situations.

Relaxation exercises are one of the most used and effective practices to reduce these symptoms. Routinely practiced eliminate muscular and mental tension leading us to a state of complete peace and harmony, which in principle could be strange because of the continuous state of tension that has been subjected to our body.

Similarly breathing exercises are beneficial for relaxation, increase lung capacity and help prevent hyperventilation, breathing deeper and faster than normal which increases the level of anxiety.

The meditation exercises are also used to control symptoms of anxiety, provide a state of calm and inner peace through mind control itself.

The high self-esteem is essential for any situation of stress; we evaluate our actions positively to prevent deterioration of our state of physical and mental health.

Benefits of Exercise

These exercises provide excellent benefits for our physical and mental health. In addition to reducing symptoms of the anxiety and depression, are very useful for:

  • Increase the ability to concentrate and develop the skills
  • Improve the quality of sleep naturally
  • Stabilize the heart and breathing
  • Strengthen the immune system, weakened by stress
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Provide energy and vitality
  • Avoid hyperventilation and breath better
  • Provide a quality rest
  • Increase the physical and mental
  • Lower and control blood pressure
  • Reduce muscle pain due to stress
  • Reduce daily stress and promote relaxation
  • Improve blood circulation

Regular exercise, sun, meditation, Pilates, nature and longer breathing techniques also help us to do to reduce the level of anxiety and stress. Exercising outdoors, especially in a beautiful area (field or the sea) has shown to have a stimulating effect on the mind, because of the depressing ions in the atmosphere, which could cause the endorphins (chemicals that make you feel good) to trigger. Walking daily will certainly provide help in curing depression and the anxiety without the use of any drugs.

High Anxiety

High Anxiety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vitamins and minerals rich diet can help the mind and the body to work better and helps to ease anxiety and depression as well. Taking an apple daily will keep you away from the doctor! Get enough rest and make sure to get rest before midnight, avoid excessive use of alcohol  and caffeine, both of which can greatly contribute to high levels of anxiety and depression. Alcohol, especially in reality is a depressant. Its excessive use will result in making you paranoid and distrustful of people. This leads to social isolation and other related problems. Natural remedies are often recommended to deal with anxiety and depression.

Author Bio

Salomon Ptasevich is the owner of AnxietySocialNet. Anxietysocialnet is a social networking platform that focuses on panic or anxiety attack conditions and one of the best anxiety Resources. Anxiety social net is  a social network for people with anxiety, it is free for everybody to join.

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