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Blue Light Transilluminators Offer Superior Gel Illumination

Blue light transilluminators are usually utilized as an alternative to UV transilluminators. This occurs when users need to use “safe dyes” rather than Ethidium Bromide. They offer a “safe” light source hence the user does not come into contact with dangerous UV radiation. On the other hand, UV- transilluminators are utilized in molecular biology labs; … Continue reading

How Five Successful Scientists Got Their Start

Scientists are highly influential people who work hard to make the world a better place. Some of the most famous scientists in the world are responsible for making important breakthroughs that ultimately save lives or carve a path for future inventions. Have you ever wondered how famous scientists got their start? Well, if you answered … Continue reading

Video of Grandpa I

Grandpa Piano

X and Y Chromosome Testing

X and Y chromosome tests are types of DNA tests often carried out between siblings, normally to determine whether or not they have the same father. Of course, the chromosomal characteristics of males and females means that the X and Y chromosome test are gender-specific. We know that all males have a total of 46 … Continue reading

Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Tech Savvy People, and Writers

Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Tech Savvy People, and Writers

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