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Ibogaine Therapy for Drug Addiction

Tabernanthe iboga (Apocynaceae), Limbe Botanic...

Tabernanthe iboga (Apocynaceae), Limbe Botanical Garden, Cameroon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine has increased a lot in the recent past due to which you will find addicts in every corner of the world. Drug addicts may differ in their addiction i.e. some take drugs more frequently whereas some take them purely for recreational purposes. However, the consumption of drugs cause problems in future whether you use it rarely or frequently.

There are many drug and alcohol addicts who are frustrated about their addiction and desire to get rid of it but are unable to do so because they are apprehensive or ill informed about various types of drug addiction treatment. The main reason for this is that many drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroin affect the brain directly, which forces the mind to crave for it even more. Many therapies have been developed but very few are really useful as a detoxification program. However, one of the most effective programs in recent times is Ibogaine treatment.

Before discussing about this treatment it would be prudent to mention the origin of this form of treatment. The root of Tabernanthe Iboga, a shrub found in West Central Africa, has an alkaloid named Ibogaine, which is an excellent ingredient to help people get rid of any addiction to drugs. Traditionally, it was used by the Bwiti and other tribes who exist in this region.

Ibogaine therapy typically involves a process which is spread over a few days. During treatment, a patient needs to be completely free and must have a strong desire to get rid of any drug or alcohol addiction. A small dose of the tabernathe iboga extract is administered to a patient in a peaceful environment, preferably a dim or dark room so that there are no distractions. The objective is to help the patient concentrate while the alkaloid takes effect under strict supervision and the presence of a doctor.

ibogaine is known to cure addictions to heroin...

ibogaine is known to cure addictions to heroine and alcohol (Photo credit: Shira Golding)

People who have undergone this process have shared their experience with one thing in common. After a dose, many have reported experiencing a dream-like situation in which they see their past but do not feel any type of pain or emotions. People have different emotions at this stage i.e. regression, anger, sadness, and more, which usually reflects their state of mind that led them to drug addiction in the first place.  This is the time when most patients realize the ill effects of drug consumption and increase their efforts to remain drug free for the rest of their life.


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