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Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Opiate Withdrawal

In the United States around 24 million people are addicted to drugs, but only 10% of them receive treatment, which often isn’t successful. The poor rate of those having been through addiction therapy that remain drug free may relate to the fact that many programs use unproven methods. The lack of evidence-based treatments available was … Continue reading

National Grid Pilots New ‘Smart Grid’

In Worcester, MA, National Grid has launched a pilot program for a ‘smart grid’, which will enable consumers to observe their energy usage in real time. Domestic Energy consumption will always be a massive issue for governments and consumers, in terms of both the impending environmental catastrophe and consumers vying for the best energy deal. … Continue reading

The Medicinal Potential of Ibogaine

In a world where an increasing number of individuals fall prey to drug and alcohol addiction, there are still only a few treatment options that have the potential to cure addiction. You will find people who are addicted to harmful drugs such as heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol and painkillers, and desperately seek a cure but … Continue reading

The Case for Using Chloride-restricted Intravenous Fluids in Intensive Care

Intravenous fluids play an important role in the management of critically ill patients; they provide a means by which fluid balance can be maintained in the absence of adequate oral intake. While their administration should always be carefully planned and monitored, nowhere is this more important than within this patient group, who are particularly susceptible … Continue reading

Ibogaine Therapy for Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine has increased a lot in the recent past due to which you will find addicts in every corner of the world. Drug addicts may differ in their addiction i.e. some take drugs more frequently whereas some take them purely for recreational purposes. However, the consumption of drugs … Continue reading

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