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Preparing for Ibogaine Therapy

Illegal Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

Illegal Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse (Photo credit:

Derived from a West African bush, Ibogaine has become a potentially powerful tool in the treatment of drug addiction. Although not yet a legal medical treatment in the US, there are many countries that have realized the potential of this alkaloid extract from the root of tabernanthe iboga. Contrary to its hallucinogenic characteristics, the extract is now often the last hope for many addicts to rid themselves from heroin, meth, cocaine, painkiller dependency, and in many cases alcohol abuse as well.

Ibogaine therapy usually involves a five to seven-day course with treatment administered under strict supervision. It is important to understand various aspects of the process in order to prepare well for Ibogaine treatment. Potential candidates are screened for a variety of medical conditions and are also evaluated for any psychiatric problems. Those who are accepted to a program need to wait at least 12 hours if they have taken a dose of a drug. This is followed by a test dose to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Only after the doctors are sure a patient is fit for the treatment, which is usually an hour following the test dose, is a full dose administered. One of the major benefits is that most patients do not experience withdrawal symptoms except for a temporary loss of coordination along with diarrhea and stomach cramps. Most patients experience a dreamlike state or hallucinations for around 36 hours after which their cravings are reduced or disappear altogether.

Chemical structure of ibogaine.

Chemical structure of ibogaine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Counseling sessions form a major part of the preparation program at an Ibogaine clinic. The objective is to determine whether an addict has the mental and physical conditioning to go through the process and understand his or her dependency problem. It is important for an addict’s family and friends to provide all the support and encouragement necessary. These sessions are conducted when an addict is in a state of sobriety so that they understand the efficacy of the treatment and their chances of getting back to live a normal life free from addiction. Prior to treatments patients are advised a light diet in order to reduce the chances of nausea and diarrhea. Treatment is always provided in peaceful surroundings since it is important that there are no distractions. Music, interaction, and other forms of therapy are also a part of the treatment program. The end result in many cases is freedom from the craving of drug abuse, which is a welcome step in the road to recovery.


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