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Third Rule of Gravitonian Physics: Making everything from one particle

Particles by fundamental interactions

Particles by fundamental interactions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This final rule involves the massive particles in the universes. In particular the six leptons and dark matter particles which leads to seven being the magic number to investigate. When observing a flat rhombus it is very easy to see an ideal situation with fractal formations involved but they are the real source of these fundamental particles. A rhombus just makes visualization easier then four gravitons vibrating.

Using Real Gravitons Link

The major mechanisms for how this should occur are still under investigation but a simple look at the integrity of how a rhombus can roll displays a fundamental and logical interpretation for the creation of all leptons and dark matter particles including the anti form of each article.

Put simply, it is possible to roll up and roll down, this gives a mathematical capability for anti particles. Depending on the orientation of the original fractal that all subsequent fractals mimic the particle/anti-particle situation will always balance out with one being favored and the other being an annihilator of favorable particles. Rolling up is easier to interpret as particles from a conventional point of view.

Now, there are ten ways to roll up including a twist left and right which become the dark matter particles which happen to have no anti particle as they are embedded into the world sheet and do not possess what is called an m-space.


A three dimensional space above or below a world sheet allowing for oscillational interactions with gravitons which give sub atomic particle‘s mass.

English: Standard model of elementary particle...

English: Standard model of elementary particles: the 12 fundamental fermions and 4 fundamental bosons. Please note that the masses of certain particles are subject to periodic reevaluation by the scientific community. The values currently reflected in this graphic are as of 2008 and may have been adjusted since. For the latest consensus, please visit the Particle Data Group website linked below. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Making M-Space

Now, there are eight more ways to “play”, roll from any corner or from any side. This leads to a highly symmetric particle/anti-particle interaction between rolling side to side and top to bottom or very non-interactive particles that look much like needles. These become only two particles instead of four and represent the two highly stable and much more abundant neutrinos call the electron neutrino and the mu neutrino.

With only rolling from the corners and only four particles left to discover, it becomes the design of the outcome that gives these “rolled from the corner” particles their properties. It is important to remember that in rule two it is required that the origin of the fractal not be located at 0,0 in relationship to the given energy density distribution of the fractal. If your using a rhombus place a small dot off center to the right or left of the center as well. That is where the corner must meet the rhombus in order to have a viable universe with the proper asymmetry to create differences. Here you will get four distinct categories of cones sometimes called the ear, the radar, the baseball bat and the chute.

The three rules of Gravitonian Physics represents one side of the limits that create the motion and forces and looking in more depth at these show a very different world where each particle itself creates important interactions and a list of logical statements. It all still must follow these rules with a few other consequential assumptions. It lead to an initial statement that using a graviton that is a closed loop two dimensional piece of pure energy with a single wave function pulsating at a tremendous rate, it is possible to make seven massive particles, if and only if four can combine on a flat surface with an origin that allows for a right and left handed preference.

Try to remember this from Douglas Adam’s as 9 (gravitons) mulitplied by 7 (Representing the two twisted dark matter particles and the other six being the leptons of the known universe) is equal to 4 tee 2. Or 9X7=4+2 (42 as the robot states), these rules will produce everything including black holes and clearly show what a singularity is. These rules will show very simple interpretations of dark energy and much more.

Physical Interpretation of Properties

Since all of the sub-atomic particles have a natural formation process in Gravitonian Physics, they allow for easy to see boundary limits for all m-space calculations involving leptons and dark matter. With this level of accuracy it becomes easy to use these fundamental forms of m-space to create and discover all other massive particle’s design and truly see the awesome world of quantum mechanics in interpretable chucks. These small chunks include strange new ideas like composite quarks and really deep down it all boils down to one particle interacting in an erroneous number of logical ways following simply rules that unifies all of physics.

Please subscribe and read the other rules again while your at it.

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