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Introduction to Gravitonian Physics

A diagram summarizing the tree-level interacti...

A diagram summarizing the tree-level interactions between elementary particles described in the Standard Model. Vertices (darkened circles) represent types of particles, and edges (blue arcs) connecting them represent interactions that can take place. The organization of the diagram is as follows: the top row of vertices (leptons and quarks) are the matter particles; the second row of vertices (photon, W/Z, gluons) are the force mediating particles; and the bottom row is the Higgs boson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many mysteries in the universe. As well many facts that are known about the universe. Now all of them can be explained with the newest theory of physics called Gravitonian Physics.

To make matters even more bizarre there are only a few rules that govern the world of Gravitonian Physics.

The most important and most highly excepted rule of Gravitonian Physics is that the entire universe is made up of just one fundamental particle and that can be considered the force carrier particle for the gravitational field called the graviton. Hence the name of this theory Gravitonian Physics.

The other rules are currently highly classified and will change the world of alternative energy. All other fields will be highly influenced by this theory once it has proven its worth in quantum mechanics and engineering.

Thanks to the partnership with Richard Nelson will be able to publish the current breakthroughs of this theory for the readers of this column and his other two columns he writes for on a regular basis.

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