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Mayan Astrology Explained: The Tzolkin Calendar

If you’re looking for an Art Nouveau Tarot reading, or Western Zodiac horoscope, then author and Druidic practitioner Erik Oakenshield is the man for the job. A true modern renaissance man, Erik has more than a decade of experience under his belt. He can also be seen writing for Oranum, a worthy site for horoscope … Continue reading

Second Rule of Gravitonian Physics

The second rule of Gravitonian Physics is simple. The universe needs world sheets and those are easy to recognize by the simple fact that if you travel through space you will remain in the same direction like as if you were traveling on a sheet. Space is flat and exists as world sheets that are very numerous … Continue reading

How DNA Testing Works in Solving Crimes

Solving a crime is never easy, especially if there is a scarcity of evidences. That’s why it is amazing how, even if they are based on fiction, the characters in the hit TV series “CSI” manage to solve every case thanks to the technology in their hands. Are you aware that some of the methods … Continue reading

The Science Behind a Seizure

Author Introduction Jessica Reynolds loves all aspects of science, especially astronomy and black holes. She discovered this fascination while taking a high school Physics course. She makes a living by writing, currently for scientific poster printer, a division of MegaPrint. I was appalled when I began searching for “seizure basics” on the Internet. The … Continue reading

Introduction to Gravitonian Physics

There are many mysteries in the universe. As well many facts that are known about the universe. Now all of them can be explained with the newest theory of physics called Gravitonian Physics. To make matters even more bizarre there are only a few rules that govern the world of Gravitonian Physics. The most important and most … Continue reading

Gravitonian Physics

The basics idea of gravitonian physics is that there is a way to create an entire universe from one special particle. It happens to be the force carrier of the gravitational force which many astrophysicists call the graviton. Using pure logic and this one particle of the purest form of energy, it is possible to show the … Continue reading

TOE is just the Laws of World Sheets and Gravitons

Simply enough! For all of the recent likes and fans I have to warn that we are investing into TOE research and are hoping to explain the small strange world of atoms and invisible forces in terms anyone can interpret and use to benefit daily life. Of course we need donations and more investors to … Continue reading

The Science and Controversy of Sugary Beverages

The recent soda ban passed in New York City has created a firestorm of controversy over whether or not government has the power to prevent consumers from choosing what they drink, even if it’s hazardous for their health (in large quantities). Proponents of the ban argue that it will make New Yorkers healthier in the … Continue reading

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