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What Sally Hemming Did To Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin 1767

Benjamin Franklin 1767 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many African-Americans, history is the most boring subject there is.

But, if you read and process the actions from the past, it will reveal what you are and why you are? This article is simply meant to make most of us wonder, some of us laugh and some of us to think. Imagine a most powerful man in American history, who was actually never the President of the United States, but rather a delegate to the constitution, easing out of his bed to step into the chamber of a black woman. Remember, Benjamin Franklin is a white man.

Look into the background and see his wife, Martha, I believe pretends to be asleep. For any errors I make or don’t know, correct me. What could possibly draw our President to his maid’s bed? Was he lonely? Did he need comforting from all his creative thinking and inventions. Let me be the first to say, I think Benjamin Franklin was a great man and made many contributions to our society, But old boy had some flaws. He opened up a world of mistrust amongst the African-American women.

After a long day of walking, working, building and writing, Benjamin Franklin would go to bed with his wife. Right before daylight, he would open the chamber’s door and get into bed with Sally Hemming. From that relationship, Sally gave birth to children who were born light-skinned which mixed the race the up. I can only imagine what she must have said to the President. One can only wonder if she told him how great he was in assisting a country in the making. Did she listen to his ideas and plans? Perhaps, she gave him a soothing back rub.

Or maybe, there was no talking at all. Did he take advantage of his maid in waiting?

Or was she his lover?

My, my, what was Martha thinking?

Was this another a version of Arnold and Maria Shiver or was it what men did to black women who worked for them?

My questions are, what started this relationship, did Sally want Ben as much as he wanted her, he did allow her certain privileges that other workers didn’t get?

English: Benjamin Franklin National Memorial i...

English: Benjamin Franklin National Memorial in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Category:Images of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What did Sally Hemming get from this relationship other than her black babies who considered themselves half-white?

Or did they know, they were the off-springs of a brilliant man?

On holidays, did he buy them gifts?

What did his wife think when she looked at him across the table?

So, what did Sally do to Mr. Franklin in her bed?

Sally made Benjamin Franklin feel like he was a giant who could do anything. She took away his stresses from a hard day’s work and made him feel like Superman. In fact, Sally was the most powerful woman in the White House. This must be true because I can’t find any scandalous articles that made Benjamin Franklin ashamed of his actions.

He was well aware that black people and white people were not supposed to hook up. He hooked up with a black woman and left the results behind.

The next question is did he love Sally or was she just his concubine for pleasure?

But, whatever he felt, he enjoyed being sexed by an African-American woman. So, it can be suspected that President Franklin contributed to that fact that light-skin black women were often the house n—– over darker-skin women.

And from those nightly visits from Benjamin Franklin, the whole black race of women was cursed. Even today, a light-skin black woman will qualify for a job whether she has the skills or not over other black women with a darker shade of skin. Why?

Because she’s not as chocolate as the typical black woman. Today, black women are at war with each other because they simply don’t know how to trust. They are afraid that the other one will out do her in a sneaky way. They will not support one another because of the hatred they feel toward one another. They betray one another confident because they are only concerned about the “me” factor.

This (attributed to ) originally appeared duri...

This (attributed to ) originally appeared during the , but was recycled to encourage the American colonies to unite against British rule. From The Pennsylvania gazette, 9 May 1754. Abbreviations used: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and New England. This is a somewhat odd division: New England was four colonies, and Delaware and Georgia are missing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is so shameful that black women are their own worst enemy. Instead of binding together, they pull away from a sisterhood of something that had nothing to do with them. Sally Hemming and Benjamin Franklin are dead. They left a legacy of race relationships that could work. One should support another sister based on her values, morals and her beliefs that she wants the best for the good of the order. Black women should have their own support system to take care of each other when no one else will. Not because you have to, but because it is what we are supposed to do. Be a sister to all who come in contact.

Written By:

Idella Johnson

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2 thoughts on “What Sally Hemming Did To Benjamin Franklin?

  1. During the 1950’s, companies in Philadelphia placed want for office workers. It stated that only light skin negro woman apply. Today, TV stations hire light skin black women for newscaster and reporting jobs.

    Posted by james | September 22, 2012, 12:15 am
  2. This is all incorrect. The essay conflates 2 or 3 different historical figures:
    1 Benjamin Franklin – who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a notorious Playboy bachelor.
    2. George Washington, who was a president and married to Martha. He is rumored to have had affairs with salves and fathers children
    3. Thomas Jefferson, US President #4. Also married to a Martha. He had the affair and children with Sally Hemings.

    Posted by DNLee (@DNLee5) | October 15, 2012, 7:38 pm

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