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Why Black Boys Are Bad: Looking Pass the Stats

Whenever a black boy approaches another man or woman, a light bulbcomes on. The light starts to search for ways to figure out what the boy or boys are planning to do.

Incandescent light bulb (no labels)

Incandescent light bulb: Is the bulb turning on now White America?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American always feels the black man or woman has an agenda. 

Sometimes, they are just standing around for no apparent reason.

Black Boys are Bad, Because: The Cascade Effect

Eighty percent of them have to raise themselves. They have to start early looking out for their own welfare. Just imagine being a young boy and you have to go into survival mode in order to survive this world. They are watched like they’re a prowling lion waiting to attack. However, I stand for our beautiful, black, sweet and charming boys who are born from the belly of a proud mother.

Their fathers, who are sometimes from upper-class society walk away from their future.  These handsome creatures I am referring to are never taught anything from their fathers.  They stand as they see their mothers work, struggle, cry, pray and often times, just beg to keep enough to survive. No boy nor man wants to see his mother doing without.

So, they turn to the streets for answers because their fathers could care less.  If you want to blame someone for their bad behaviors, blame their lost fathers. I am not referring to fathers who are dead, serving their countries, disabled or disturbed. I am referring to the ones who are alive and kicking with the potential of being there for their children. Boys want to ride a bike, learn to swim, go fishing, build things, learn to drive and sometimes go hiking with just their dad.

A mother can’t play both roles and still function in other ways. Though single-mothers have turned out some of the best men there are. But, I am referring to the ones who never had that strong mother backbone to make it through.

Boys need attention just like girls. Either they get it at home or find it in the world. The world, where the people involved, are plainly mean. There are no instructions. You just go for what you know. Black boys learn to steal because they want what other children have.

From this attitude, they learn to take what is not theirs. Sad as it may sound, they believe they have a right.  They give up because many doors are slammed in their faces. They are told in school, they are dumb, dysfunctional and under-privileged.

The words from teachers kill their souls for a life. They tell themselves, why not? You have already called me these things, so why not prove you right. They become violent at an early age.

They are violent because they have to protect themselves in the environment they live in. These environments are sometimes living in and around low-income housings, drug-related neighborhoods.  Many times other men beat on them for trying to protect their mothers.

The black boy is faced with a hard time every day he lives in America.

So, who will save our boys?

Will the black man reach out and help our boys before the entire race is destroyed?

Will the black woman think twice before she gives life to a boy without hope?

Will the police officer stop arresting them because they are black?

Will the church pray for their safety on Sunday morning?

Or will he just stand alone?

If I could speak to all of them, my first sentence would be, if you would just learn to listen before you react.

This line is what every black woman spills out of her mouth when black boys are plastered across the television screen, “You can’t tell black boys anything.”


You can warn them to stay away from situations, drugs, neighborhoods and drugs.


They keep walking. It’s as if they believe that bad things are not going to eat them up. They pick up these irrational scenarios about life. They cling to words like:

my respect.”

I have a right to do and go as I please.”

Even though America is supposed to be a free country, it’s not a free country for the black boy or man.

These words may sound crazy; but, all of us know that a black boy, just as the black man, has boundaries that he is going to be encouragedto stay within.

A Photo of a Black Person Looking at Photos of...

A Photo of a Black Person Looking at Photos of Black People (Photo credit: Arty Smokes (deaf mute))

Who sets these boundaries?

White America!

When you attempt to go around “them” and especially confront “them”, you are destroyed. So, the black boy is bad because he believes he is going to have “his way or no way.” Looking pass the stats, he walks right into all the opposite things, which keeps him so unhappy.

Life. Struggles. Hate. Money. Drugs. Society. Finally himself!

Written By:

Idella Johnson

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One thought on “Why Black Boys Are Bad: Looking Pass the Stats

  1. Idella, You help others see the meaning and struggle behind the generation of such lopsided sociological studies.

    Posted by Richard Nelson | June 19, 2012, 5:12 pm

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