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Science Fun and Hubpages: The No Brain Way to Learn Everything

The market has spoken and here is what the new world wants. They want to learn for free, without the burden of propaganda and other marketed education that destroys the fundamental of human understanding.

Christoper Columbus arrives in America

Christoper Columbus arrives in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For instance, in America it is common to learn that Columbus discovered America at an early age; therefore understanding that we are still learning, as scientists, the history the  merging  of the continents, is construed and often not sought for as Americans “know” that Columbus discovered America.

Well, this no longer has to be the case with sites like because there are many different ways to learn for free here. If it happens to contain a  bit of propaganda, it no longer matters because there will be hundreds of different articles on the same or similar subject matter.

With the new access to information this will change the world in every way but I predict we will rely mostly on the title here, science fun and hubpages.  This form of learning is the most interactive, like talking to your textbook and getting a response quicker than many could even imagine.

If the information seems unreliable at a particular hubpage many others will exist to help you discover any bit of information and what it really means to you!

Not what some particular author says it means.

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