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Am I Ready for Cosmetic Surgery? : Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Cosmetic SurgeryYou may know that you want to have cosmetic surgery and not know if you are ready to have it now.

Here are 10 great questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready for plastic surgery. If you answer yes to all of them, then you probably are. If you answer no, then that sheds light on an area of your life that you need to resolve things in before going under the knife.

Take some time to carefully consider your answers, try to go beyond “yes” or “no”, and give yourself a “because” for each one.

1. Am I ready to commit to maintaining the weight I am today, rather than allowing it to yo-yo?

2. Could I handle it if the improvement was not dramatic, if surgery did not give me my ideal body, or if something did not go as planned that effected my surgical results?

3. Am I prepared for the full implications of the recovery process, including following doctor’s orders, and having more surgeries if they become necessary as a result of the first?

4. Am I financially prepared for this, both in terms of money and time?

5. Do I know exactly what I want, (for example you might ask yourself do I know beyond doubt that I want a fully tummy tuck rather than just abdominal liposuction?)

6. Do I know all the risks and benefits associated with my procedure of choice?

surgery done March 1, 2001

surgery done March 1, 2001 (Photo credit: safoocat)

7. Am I committed to not smoking?

8. Am I doing this strictly for my own satisfaction and no one else’s?

9. Do I have people who will support my decision and help me during my recovery?

10. Have I resolved all doubts and fears so that I can approach the decision calmly?

About the Author:

My name is Rod Kelly, a content writer from UK.  I am into Health.  You can follow me @thefreshhealth

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