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A Poem & Some Stem Cell History

Welcome to summertime with a poem I wrote:

Summertime Splurg

English: Embryonic Stem Cells. (A) shows hESCs...

Stem Cells. (A) shows hESCs. (B) shows neurons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green seen; inhaled and clean!

Though worms I taste and hear a scream?

Oh hot it is, sticky, sticky, cling.

From it, I fear; and a blessing emerged. Surge

Summertime Splurge.

Now for some stem cell history:

History plays an important role in understanding stem cell research. Stem cells are studied intensely by biologists for the potential applications they can bring to medicine and other areas. In 1997 scientists isolated the first stem cell. This allowed for the study of how an organism actually develops from a stem cell to a fully functional individual. In 2004, the capabilities of stem cell research took another leap teaching biologists more about how stem cells differentiate into new specialized functional cells (Dolgin, 2004).


Dolgin, J.(2004). Embryonic disclosure: abortion, stem cells, and cloning. Issues in Law and Medicine 19(3). 203-262. Retrieved November6th, from Proquest database.

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