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Gulu University’s Dean of Medicine on African Starving Children and Women Pregnancy

Gulu University

Dean at Gulu University– Emilio Ovuga

Help those suffering and those not suffering

Those who join the health workforce as a calling to the noble profession of medicine have more than one thing in common; to prevent death and not destroy it, to heal the sick, to relieve the sick from the distress of ill health, and to prevent disability, or at least limit impairment in disability. All combine in our battle for African starving children and women pregnancy.

Change is Good for Women Pregnancy in Africa

An important element of basic health care that is often not recognized is health promotion that comprises a series of activities that aim to keep individuals healthy by targeting behavior change, especially for women pregnancy in Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa is bedeviled by three ills:

  1. Poverty
  2. Premature death of mothers and their children
  3. Chronic conflicts and intra-state wars

In unison these three ills keep the continent perpetually poor, ill and under-developed!

Every year our medical schools in Africa are swamped with thousands of applications from young citizens wishing to join the fight against disease and ill health. Many of the causes of ill health in Sub-Saharan Africa are preventable and can potentially be eliminated. Women pregnancy in Africa should not lead to unnecessary disability.

This year the 27th International Conference of the Federation of African Medical Students Association was held at Gulu University in northern Uganda. That was the epicenter of one of the world’s most vicious and brutal intra-state wars!

Uganda 2009 Day 6-3133

Uganda 2009 Day 6-3133 (Photo credit: jamiemw)

Gulu University was established during the period when this war was in progress, thanks to the pioneer students and administrators of the institution that took courage to kick-start the institution. The Faculty of Medicine in Gulu is now in its tenth year and has graduated three lots of doctors who are actively engaged in the fight against disease and the promotion of the health and welfare of the citizens of this country.

On behalf of the staff and students of the Faculty of Medicine and Gulu University I wish to sincerely thank the Federation of African Medical Students’ Association for choosing Gulu University to host the 27th International Conference.

We at Gulu University are delighted with the FAMSA promotion of maternal and child health as its theme. This sub-population of African starving children  and women  along with the issues of pregnancy in Uganda, carries a disproportionately large share of the burden of ill health on the African continent. In this regard I wish to thank all the students representing their respective institutions for their presence at the conference.

Let me hope that you will all benefit professionally, academically and socially from your participation at this conference, and will return to your respective institutions and countries with the skills and competences that you will need to promote maternal and child health throughout your careers as members of this noble profession.

Ciudad de Malaga al atardecer con los Montes d...

Ciudad de Malaga al atardecer con los Montes de Africa (Photo credit: carloscASTROweb)

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank Gulu University Management, the World Vision, AMREF, the World Health Organization, the Italian Cooperation, Gulu University Institutional Review Committee, THRiVE Project and other organizations and individuals that supported the Local Organizing Committee to make this conference a success.

I welcome you all.

Emilio Ovuga, MBChB, M.Med, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Gulu University

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