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Riot Among Science Writers


Beliefs Mormonism

Beliefs Mormonism (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

As promised here is the riot among science writers. Thanks to our Antagonist there are lots of amazing ideas being discussed about the current, past and future of science writing. See the previous post for what the strict scientific researcher stated that stated this awesome discussion.

Science Writer 1: I wonder how would be the scores in Europe. However, if people believe in horoscopes, mayan prophecies and all that sort of things, I am not so much surprised they do not believe in evolution. They would probably believe the Earth is flat and the Sun turns around it, they had not seen the photos from the satellites

Antagonist: America is at the bottom of all these lists. Quite odd,for richest country in world and history of world, by far.  Thus, wealth, education, hearth technology and the best science have zero impact on magical beliefs and ignorance of facts and science. The human brain is pretty dumb most of the time.

Science Writer 2: If nearly half the population persists in it, “Antagonist”, and that population does well, it behooves a scientist to ask why it’s apparently working.

Antagonist: Well, it’s not working to make the richest country in the world and history of the world more facet/evidence-based and science literate. To the contrary, check out for the view that religiosity and other magical beliefs derive from feelings of hopelessness and income inequality.

How many want the children running the country in the future to believe a god created the earth in 10,000 years, in guardian angels, ghosts, aliens, etc?

In addition, power-seekers are supporting magical beliefs for selfish ends.

Science Writer 3: I only pay attention to double-blind experimental studies. That’s the golden standard.

Was this a survey? Self-report? Opinion? If so,a waste of time. Gobblygook.

Was it peer-reviewed? If not, why bother posting this nonsense?

Science Writer 4: Is “Antagonist”starting this argument up again? His disrespect for religion comes through very clearly and he is not interested in a serious discussion. Sorry, but that’s the history of his comments on this and other groups.

Antagonist: “Strong minds discuss ideas, weak minds, people.”

Science Writer 5: Perhaps it is the collective obsession with “wealth” that has blinded so many people in the “wealthiest” country.

Too much time chasing money to have time for learning or understanding the true wealth of the world they are tearing apart for evanescent material benefit.

Science Writer 1: Could you take this conversation to the “Wittering about Religion” group, please?

Science Writer 6: Amy, you don’t have to read any of this if you don’t want to. It’s obvious that others do want to read — and post comments in this discussion. Why does that bother you?

I think this is a perfectly appropriate place to discuss why American education has failed so abysmally that 1 out of every 2 Americans is a hopeless idiot when it comes to understanding science.

When religious zealots attack science, they have themselves to blame when scientists and other educated people try to counter the ignorance and disinformation they foster.

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