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The Atheist Shrew: Strict Scientific Researcher

Last time I mention my first encounter with who I am coining as Freelance Science

From Linked In

Writing’s antagonist. The person is a strict believer in science as the only source of useful knowledge, completely lacks faith in anything (except science) unless it has been checked in triplicate and believes science should only be discussed by well informed scientists with graduate degrees from elite universities.  Here was his posed statement which sparked a riot of conversation. The forum is located on Linked In titled Science Writers if you want to check it out, you have to join. But I will be posting a well edited version removing all names and locations in the days to come to help others get involved. Its a war between science writers you won’t want to miss, so subscribe to the newsletter.

Antagonist posed: “The 46% of Americans who today believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years is little changed from the 44% who believed this 30 years ago.” Hopeless!

What do you think before I post the riot?

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