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Venus Devours the Sun

Venus Eclipse
Wikipedia Venus Eclipse

Okay so it’s only a once in a lifetime Venus transit

The transit looks like a black dot slowly moving across the face of the sun. It was originally recorded by modern science in 1639 but well earlier by cultures like the Mayans and Egyptians.

It is hard to imagine what a Venus transit might look like, especially if you’ve never heard of it. Many Americans learn about the planet Venus in grade school but not about a Venus transit. This occurs when Venus passes between the sun and us. It can be seen with the naked eye although looking directly at the sun is not advised.

This is actually a very rare event, occurring in pairs separated by only 8 years, these duel eclipses only occur around ever hundred years, with the next Venus transit scheduled to occur in 2117. Don’t miss this event; the Mayans even predicted the best spot to observe it in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago. Important!

The specific data from NASA Venus transit website shows exactly when and where to observe the Venus transit. It will be visible from Detroit during the sunset hours of June 5th. There are several safe ways to see the eclipse with the easiest being a telescope with a sun gazing cap. Using a telescope and a white card works but is harder to line up.

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