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Science ezine example of using science

Science ezine to teach the world

It is hard to believe that just a month ago emerged from beta. It is hard to imagine the amount of effort that has been put into this amazing new science ezine. Students from all over the world are starting to participate, in our forums, workshops and training courses. The best place right now, perhaps in the world, to start your science writing career in is in the write for us tab.

And write for us you have. With over 50 submissions, the first 3 and 1/2 weeks, there is no doubt the fans have spoken loud and clear. has also allowed this site to participate in WordAds, the new sleek and convenient ad program offered to exclusive sites. Although payout is not to write home about, the ads are amazingly simple and effective. Highly targeted, and no complaints either.

If you haven’t looked around… here is what you’ll find here on the science ezine of the month: Blogs, phlogs, vlogs and more


Yes, is known for blogging, so that’s what we do much of the time. A blog is short for “weblog”, meaning a log of the activity of the users available on the web.  More often than not a blog post from a skilled individual, like our scientists and engineers writing here from all across the globe, give pertinent, up-to-date, accurate and useful information that can be found NO WHERE ELSE.


Zinnias and Rudbeckias glow in the evening light

Yep, you guessed it; this is a photo weblog. Phlogs are the same thing as a blog, only using photograph and other visual tactics as the main medium for conveying our interests. We are slowly developing the phlogging on our ezine but it is more than evident that we love graphics related to science and other visual communication modes as well. “So much to see, so little time…”- Unknown


Are you on a roll… maybe you should pick up a physics book and continue the trend? No! Okay a vlog is a video weblog ready to shock and startle any popular science fan ready for some adventure. OMG!

The coolest tricks to use to teach science- science ezine video:

We are trying to incorporate the best science videos here, as well with the options for syndication and vindication to the original authors. Tough work but highly effective and many examples from popular and creditable sources will be featured in terms of our vlogging.


Lots, the entire existence of Freelance Science Writing is to become the best science resource for all in search of any answer… a real live human based search engine of sorts. Check out the library, it grows every day and see our new books in the side bars, they will continue to change as I publish more interactive learning guides for the fans.

You’re looking at the most optimized free account on and  the best launch this entrepreneur has ever seen. Try out the science ezine, it’s free to sign up, just follow us or get the newsletter or even better; ask us a question you’d like answered and we’ll try to get as creative as possible for you in our replies.

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