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Damn American Racists: Are You One?

Structural functionalism is the idea that groups perform a function for the betterment of society as a whole. Startling, structural functionalism has proven racism’s worth in America. It also does have the capability to change what it has started.

Racial Inequality

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As the gap grows, between those who benefit from this segregation in America and those held down indefinitely, these functions that race play are increasingly diminishing the justice fought so passionately for during the Civil Rights Movement.

Damn American Racists: Are You One?

The social issue of racial inequality exists worldwide but especially in Detroit.  Inequality serves a powerful purpose in terms of human nature and sociology.  Those in power have commonly utilized differences in ethnicity, which creates racial inequality.
Those discriminated against have suffered unjustifiably, in terms of social ethics.  The fact remains that the most important characteristics of human nature are within us all. And therefore racial inequality, which is solely based on what exists outside of human nature, displays the complete lack of social ethics within.
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Regardless, it has been what exists on the outside that has allowed this trend of inequality to continue.  If this new global society is to maximize its potential, then it has to continuously combat racial and other forms of unjust inequalities.  Every opportunity to alleviate suffering from racial inequality must be taken.

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 13:  Darrell Miller, Vice Pr...

ATLANTA, GA – MAY 13: Darrell Miller, Vice President of Youth and Facility Development at Major League Baseball, speaks on the Baseball and the Civil Rights Movement Roundtable panel at Ebenezer Baptist Church on May 13, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

The leaders of the world, first world countries like America, need to display a passionate disregard for racial discrimination most of all.  One learns by example, needs to resonate throughout American culture, traditions, and values.  Sadly, America, especially Michigan where the highest amount of racial segregation exists, has shown the world that groups that perform the functions of racial inequality are utilizable and not demeaning as it should be considered.
The literature is beginning to develop that displays a new understanding of the function race plays.  Cultural diversity is becoming a part of everyday life for Americans and other countries founded on white supremacy.   This movement is producing profound influences against the trends of time and is having impacts globally.  Yet in America, where being white is considered an overwhelming advantage, race groups are used as stepping stones. Their function has become an extremely powerful force that is completely reliant on racial inequality favoring white European descendants.
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