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Fun Science Series: Ready For More?

This is the last of Charlie’s video from his fun science series on Youtube: But never fear as we will continue to find fun ways to learn about the world of science for our fun science series here on Freelance Science Writing. You have to Subscribe or you will miss out on the coolest stuff … Continue reading

Why Black Boys Are Bad: Looking Pass the Stats

Whenever a black boy approaches another man or woman, a light bulbcomes on. The light starts to search for ways to figure out what the boy or boys are planning to do. American always feels the black man or woman has an agenda.  Sometimes, they are just standing around for no apparent reason. Black Boys … Continue reading

How to Save the Canadian Lynx: PART 2

Prior to recent studies previously discussed (Maine Lynx Population) no minimum viable density population (MDP) had been acquired in the UScore areas (Northern Coloardo) that were suggested to house the upper limit of population in the US. Those core areas were nearly ten times lower than the MDP required in Maine. Peripheral areas, or non-core … Continue reading

Father’s Day: Small Up and Simple Down

Working on honing the ezine into an award winning outfit. Father’s day will be a slower post period. It is time to small up and simple down the efforts here to give the fans the best experience possible. Please support and promote your favorite education resource for Father’s Day!

Fun Science for Friday Nights

Here’s the deal… to go out and make the best and most fun science beats for our audience to enjoy, even on a Friday night, we had to put only two videos per page. So, we are continuing the amazing fun science series from first. Fun Science on Youtube deserves the utmost respect for not only inspiring this … Continue reading

How to Save the Canadian Lynx: PART 1

In Maine a dramatic population of lynx survives that may teach scientists how to save the Canadian lynx. This phenomenon has biologist making conclusions that will focus on data related to extinction vortex issues. They already discovered a minimum density population (MDP) well beyond anything considered. It ranged from 9.2-13 lynx per 100 square kilometers. … Continue reading

Truth is Hard to Sell, Science Included

The difficulty with “selling science” is rooted in basic human psychology. We humans are very good at categorizing things, and extremely good at shoehorning things into those categories. A “side effect” of that ability is the desire to have things with definitive answers. Science cannot provide that, thus passing science along to people who make … Continue reading

Fun Science Series: Kids Teach with the Power of

Fun Science on a crazy channel that is exactly what freelance science writing’s daily is all about. Here is the best example for the fans. This stuff is so much fun you might not have a fun day working tomorrow, like the sports game that won’t end, so is science. I will post all … Continue reading

Conservation Analysis Redo: Canadian Lynx is Dying, Dead

The lynx species can be found all over the world.  Here in America we have our own beloved lynx species called the Canadian lynx.  It is a rare species with a natural habitat around boreal forest edges.  Although much more prevalent in Canada the Canadian lynx has range all the way down to the Colorado … Continue reading

A Top’s List of Top Lists:

So if you need some convincing here is the greatest video of all time on YouTube. Well very interesting at least. Malcolm Gladwell: What we can learn from spaghetti sauce For the rest, I suggest you go to the science from home twitter page available from any sidebar and just sign up for the daily dose. Only … Continue reading

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