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Memorial Day in the age of Post-Modernism



There are seven billion people on this planet. More than half of all humans who ever lived is currently eating, growing and developing into a full grown homo sapiens sapiens.

But, are we really homo sapiens sapiens any more, in the post modernism era?

In the last 150 years science has changed the entire world, our environment, and we adapted nicely to the changes science has provided. What does this has to do with celebrating the loss of loved ones and those who fought in battle for you?

Of course, it has evolved? Or has it?

Homo sapiens distribution way Deutsch: Ausbrei...

Homo sapiens distribution way Deutsch: Ausbreitung von Homo Sapiens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have as humans, but has the way we look at fundamental aspect of our daily lives?

Not really?

Even though today’s battle are fought using post-modern science, it is still the same agendas, propaganda, heuristics, and even justifications that brings these battles about. It is comparable to stuffing a bunch of chimps in a cage and giving one a loaded gun.

The most advance country in the world has justified the consistent battle against the poorest and least developed areas of the world, for the last 75 years. Since pre-Korean war, Americans have had to try to stay at home in a nicely science provided environment, while we are told we must go to these “old world” countries and use our new world intelligence to destroy the natives. Why? What possible post modern strategies and justifications could console our troubled minds. None!

We are giving reasoning like “they are bad, they are not doing American things, they “control” us by their actions…” blah, blah, blah. And all the while “they” are low on resources, science, intelligence, foods, water, education. There are children starving in the street in Afanghanistan, and even though, their government has asked us to leave.


Because they are not us!

Literally. Americans don’t belong justifying and supporting religious, resource, or any normal battling justification. For post modern countries to engage in war should mean post modern reasons. Otherwise it is irresponsible, not to offer our “elite” knowledge and services to all sides of feudalistic of even modernistic regimes.

Okay, so China builds a new wall, made out of cloned humans. Now we have a reason for America to go to war. Did we have to kill thousands of people when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, “to retaliate”, no. Al-Qaida. Yes! Why?

How to Celebrate Memorial Day

Cover of "Pink Floyd The Wall"

Cover of Pink Floyd The Wall

I celebrate this day by listening to Pink Floyd The Wall because it is a realistic point of view of what war does to a 1st world post modern country when the justification are not strong enough, and they haven’t been strong enough since just after the second World War. Memorial is a day to encourage more fighting by trying to justify and respect the death of millions of wasted lived. Yes, wasted because we fought to gain resources or stamp an uprising. Not to save the planet from a post modern threat.
Written By:
Richard Nelson

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