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Walk A Mile In My Shoes: The Angry Black Man

A black man, Chicago. - NARA - 556149

A black man, Chicago. – NARA – 556149 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day the black man cross the street, a radar is attached to his face and his color. They are the ones who are feared by other faces who describe them as nothing more than an animal. The chosen type of animal for the black man is a monkey. They look like a monkey, act like one and will do what most monkeys do. Anything they choose!
What an awful way to stereotype another human who holds blood just like a regular human, speak and understand the language of the land. Black men are pushed into violence by trying to stand their ground as a man. Many of them are degraded before their friends, families and children as being the lesser ones.

Factors Fighting the Angry Black Man

Though, there are thousands if not millions of successful black men, the color stills exist. The African-American male is not given a ticket with “automatic privilege.” He is given a label as being a thief, untrustworthy, lazy and dogmatic. He just can’t walk into a job and say, “give me a chance, I can do it.” He must come totally prepared with an educational status and years of experience.

Job Segregation

The white male will hire this black man and allow him to work as long as he stays in his place. “Behind the n—– line.” If another white male comes aboard, the supervisor will insist the black man train the white man without the educational level or experience. After the white male is trained, often times, the black man gets demoted to another position even if they have to change the job title to make it look legal and often with less pay.
So, can you see why black men are mistreated and ignored. Slavery never ended, it was adjusted. In our community, we call it, putting the pencil to you. This just didn’t happen last year, it has been going on for years. The white race says the blacks are waiting in line for handouts and refuse to work hard for what they deserve. Well, the reason for this is, because they have already worked double for the price of two.

Societal Segregation

The white male, just as the white female, is privilege. They are privileged because they don’t have to ask for better jobs, better pay, affordable and comfortable housing. They are automatically given these privileges because they feel it’s their rights to have them; whereas, in many instances, if a black man steals a loaf of bread because he’s hungry, he’s a thief his entire life. If a white man takes a loaf of bread because he’s hungry, he’s considered as borrowing the bread until he comes back and pay for it. The same situations with same identical factors; but, blacks are supposed to salute the flag with pride and believe in “equal justice for all.”

Come on now.

Americans are people who refuse to address the real meaning behind hating blacks. The black race is the most hated race of all people. Why? The color of their skin looks like dirt, therefore, they get treated like dirt. But it confuses me as to if all this is true about the color of the skin, then, why are interracial marriages still happening.

Segregation Among Blacks

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These feeling and past hurts should be behind us now but since President Obama’s father was a black man, the white race believe he might not be “as black as” a 100 %. The same goes for Tiger Woods, who regretfully refuses to accept that if you look like a black man, then you are black. He chooses to be an Asian instead. But he wants the support of the black community to be proud that he’s the first black golfer to be this successful.

Fight Like a Black Man

So, everywhere the black man turns, he’s not wanted. Due to all the oversights of just being born, it takes a real man to walk in a black man’s shoes even for a day. If you’re not strong, brave and careful, you might not make it through the day but should we as citizens continue to label individuals as outsiders when we are all under the same umbrella.
If this is true, the churches should close their doors, fence themselves in and purchase all black America tickets to Africa with a one-way ticket. No one wants to admit that we are here for each other. There is enough resources and love for everyone to share. Just decide that you are going to be the one who will not judge anyone until all the facts are in and the fat lady sings. And that lady will probably sing the American National Anthem.

Written By:
Idella Johnson

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