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Top 5 Universities For Engineering in New England

Engineering is a career that requires a good amount of skill, so you will want to attend only the best university to acquire all the knowledge you need. New Englandhas many good engineering universities, but these five stand above the rest. Give them a call, take a tour and see what you think of them.

The Stata Center houses CSAIL, LIDS, and the D...

The Stata Center houses CSAIL, LIDS, and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This was rated as the top engineering university in 2010, and it continues to be an amazing university with many different courses and programs. You can receive a four-year, six-year or even eight-year degree from this university, and many different forms of engineering are taught here.

You can learn about material, civil, nuclear, mechanical and chemical engineering. There are also many on-campus clubs dedicated to engineering. Graduate students can also be paid, and they can refine their skills, by participating in one of the 20 on-campus research centers.

This university is private, and getting into this university can be difficult. If you have the skills and money, then this can be your best opportunity to learn engineering.

Olin College of Engineering
This is a very picky university. Only 16 percent of all applicants are accepted, and you must have fairly high SAT scores. You must have at least 690 in critical reading, 718 in math and 670 in writing. Those that are accepted are treated to the wonders of this project-based school.

The Olin college believes that students cannot properly learn engineering unless they are actually working on projects. Everything is very hands-on at this school. You can find this school in Needman, Massachusetts.

University of New Hampshire
The University of New Hampshire has a very versatile and intensive engineering program that encompasses most engineering types. There are even disciplines that the Massachusetts University of Technology missed. Along with those disciplines, the University of New Hampshire also has computer, environmental and ocean engineering.

Getting accepted into their program is not difficult, but the work itself is very intensive. Make sure you are really set on learning about engineering before applying to this university.

University of Connecticut
The University of Connecticut has an engineering program that is separated into eight different specialties: bioengineering, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, materials and mechanical. Unlike some other engineering university requirements, the admission requirements are not that stern.

The school, about 1903

The school, about 1903 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You need to complete the normal amount of classes in high school. For example, you need four years of English, three of math, two of history and another two of foreign languages. Lab-based classes are preferred, and students with lab-based classes have a better chance of getting into this university.

You must also take the TOEFL test. You need a 550 paper score, 213 computer score or 79 Internet score to be admitted into the engineering program. Most students who have an interest in engineering should not have a hard time being accepted here.

University of Vermont
The University of Vermont teaches a long list of different engineering disciplines, and many of the students here go on to large research labs to fix worldly issues. Some students have even helped poorer nations with affordable water purifying systems.

The basic university requirements are rather standard. They basically mimic the requirements for the University of Connecticut. There is one other requirement that most universities do not have.

You must also meet their laptop requirements. The hardware requirements are mid-range, so that will not be difficult to satisfy. The computer must have 2 GHz, 2GB of RAM, 160GB of hard drive space and an 802.11 a, g or n connection. There are also software requirements, but that is dependent upon what discipline you are following. Most classes will either provide you with the software, or you can get a cheaper student version of the software.

There are many engineering universities in the New England area, but these five are the best you can attend. They all support many different engineering disciplines, and many have research labs that will help refine your skills.

If engineering is your passion or hobby, then try out one of these universities. You will learn all the skills needed to get a career as an engineer. You will also be able to participate in projects that will push your currents skills to their limits.

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