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Newest Science Writing Story Teaches: Learn About the Medical Field with “Do You Love Me”

My newest science writing will teach you about the latest medical field breakthroughs. Beware!

Photo of Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Cosmetic Sur...

Photo of Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Procedure being Performed by Facial Plastic Surgeon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reading a remarkable news story about a traumatized actor, a tired husband started to explain what had happen to the actor to his wife.

“It seems here, that famous actor Mike Frug, was manipulated into a ten year relationship, that led to marriage, children and an entire life of lies. You remember when he married that nurse? Well, apparently she had access to a, then experimental drug, that induces the feeling of love. Mike recalls how ‘when I woke up for my plastic surgery there she was the angel of my dreams.’ He also mentioned that she was not his normal type of women, but love was love, and she resisted him at first, which made her irresistible to him.”

The wife looks over at him as though only half paying attention, “A ‘love pill’ huh, sounds like science fiction.” As she goes back to reading her romance novel he returns to recapping the story.

“Yeah, she said that the drug was only given to her for a trial experimental run and that she was able to get more only after the last clinical trials were complete last year.” He paused for a moment and said to his wife, “That’s about the time we met honey,” with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

He fumbles for the newspaper, points and says, “Apparent the original trial batch was not the same quality, Mike began feeling more tired as he continued to take his daily ‘vitamin’ as he claims his wife soon to be ex-wife would call the drugs. ”

Putting down the paper, noticing his wife’s complete lack of interest, he quickly says “Yeah I guess he stop taking the vitamin and the effects soon wore off, leaving him a terribly empty feeling.”

“So how did he know it was the drug,” his wife asked from out of nowhere, “Could have been a typical male response to cheating on her or something like that, you can’t believe everything you read in the paper, honey.”

As he starts to wonder where she’s coming from, he reaches for the bedside light and his wife briefly asks, “Honey did you take your medicine today.” He had forget, but thought about it for a second and went with.

Toronto Plastic Surgery

Toronto Plastic Surgery (Photo credit: Arturo de Albornoz)

“Yes, dear, sure did, doctor’s orders.”

What if he wasn’t depressed, what if he “feels better” because it’s a “love pill” he’s taking.

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