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Writing Services for Scientists

Science Writing Services

This is a photograph of Hurricane Dean taken by crewmembers on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The photograph was distributed by the Associated Press via the AP website, Yahoo News, and other sites. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following announcement is for anyone interested in the science writing services at
New Science Writing Services
Dear Fellow Scientist:

Combining copy and science writing is what I do best but I have been down a long road of learning. I write for big, small and start up businesses and coach all of my fans here and everywhere I go.  This has surrounded me with professionals with a variety of backgrounds. I can offer a wide range of services including getting you connected with those interested in your work and am always looking for the best science topics to tackle.

And tackle them I do, right here on site! All around there are awesome science articles and the newest techniques for reaching a science audience through science communications. Check the archives for all the answers to your questions.

Portfolios and Direct References for Science Writing Services Available Upon Request

Produce content for:

Rotor Clip, Inc.

Design World

Yahoo! News

WebTalk Radio Show- Teeing It Up

B2B Tech Copy

CBS Detroit 

Richard Nelson Blogosphere

Demand Studios


Alternative Energy Examiner

Detroit Science Examiner

El Paso Gadgets Examiner

Yahoo! Contributor Network

Some poetry by Richard Nelson:

Got something scientific?

Know that it would be profilic

If only you could be specific

At least to those who are explicit

Then teaming up would be terrific!

Pricing Information

I prefer to offer project based rates so please use the contact form to get a free estimate. All of our products and services are completely original and freshly created to serve client’s needs. Here are some general rates listed to help estimate.

Pricing subject to change.

$0.20 to $2.50 Per Word $0.10 to $1.10 Per Word $0.10 Per Word
Home Office of •
Charlotte, MI
(517) 543 – 7759 •

I have partnered with start ups for no money upfront and can do this with your start up business too!
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About Richard Nelson

Freelance science writing all day and night. I'm an expert at writing, marketing, and publishing. Providing writing services nearly everyday, SEO rich articles about science and tech are my specialties. I also love to make money so I'm for hire as an independent communications expert and business consultant with specializations in project management, writing, science, and engineering. With a vast network of professionals in various fields backed by two degrees, 180 credits hours, 6 graduate courses and several awards and recommendations along the way, who could go wrong?


4 thoughts on “Writing Services for Scientists

  1. Well said. You have brought to light new facets I had not contemplated before today and I feel in your debt for your fresh perspective!

    Posted by DrVellucci | May 22, 2012, 11:50 am


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