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10 Killer Ways to Discuss Alternative Energy and Save Mother Earth on Mother’s Day

Let’s save Mother Earth by talking about alternative energy:

10 Killer Ways to Discuss Alternative Energy

10. Guest Blogging– This is simply using websites related to alternative energy to publish original content on in front of a new audience. It helps build brand and influence at the same time.

9. Syndicated Column– There are places willing to help find buyers of a syndicated column. Simply pitching the column idea to several local and regional newspapers can lead to many buyers of the same column idea, thus syndicated. It lands short on this list because of the competition and difficulty, often a proposal of over 2000 words is needed and denial rates are much higher than other forms of writing.

8.  Groups/Forums– The benefits of writing in groups and forums is strictly branding. This benefit can vary tremendously but often a writer of alternative energy can find several related groups to join and become an active member of that group. By simply joining many groups and forums give authors access to resources, like job boards and experts, but participating is where the real benefits of branding and exposure become apparent.

7. Green Living and Alternative Energy Websites– Although rare, there are green and alternative energy websites that need new contributors and are willing to pay descent wages. The most popular are niche marketing websites that need content for explaining the benefits of a new product.

6. Local and Regional Publishing Company– Nearly every major publisher has a category of authors related to green living and alternative energy. This can quickly become a new opportunity. Simply take an idea, flesh it out into a query letter and send that out to several editors and agents of publishing companies.

5. Renewable Energy Companies– In terms of pay rate and success rate copy writing always out ranks other forms of writing. So find a renewable energy company, build up a great relationship and pitch an offer that involves some profits and sales related to a writing campaign. If you can show benefits in terms of company profit most will be willing to pay top dollar for this form of alternative energy writing. Talk about anything, the more the merrier Mother Nature will be.

4. Green Living and Alternative Energy Trade Publishers– Even though, big publishers have a need they do not have the demand like trade publishers. Trade publishers always need the latest and greatest information and green living and alternative energy trade publishers are no expectation. This can give great branding and opportunity to display voice and character to a vast audience that is completely targeted to alternative energy.

3. National and International Publishing Company– Between the pay rate, the exposure and the shear credentials, this option cannot be bet. Although difficult to make it this far many writers consider this way to write about anything the cream of the crop.

2. Self Publishing– The control, flexibility and potential all give self publishing this tremendous rating. They also make it quite difficult to become a successful self publisher. Much of what is done by publishing companies for the average writer is now in the hands of a self publishing writer. This includes marketing and logistics where many writers want to focus on writing, others can get the desire over their products that they desire with self publishing.

1. Screenwriting – The really cool thing about screenwriting is the fact that there will be someone saying and acting out the ideas of the screenwriter. Of course the pay is the highest; the demand is the lowest and just contemplating a screen play concept for alternative energy that appeals to a targeted audience is a head ache. Often, screenwriters spend years of their lives getting nowhere and making no money, but the end results is always well worth the effort.

Green living freelance writing gigs are everywhere but what are they and how do they compare? Alternative energy is a great place to start a green living writing career, so hopefully this list of 10 killer ways to discuss alternative energy.

If there are ways not listed here please share them with the world in the comments.


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  1. You are a very smart individual!

    Posted by Caterina Mugica | May 31, 2012, 8:25 am

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