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Science Writing Resources

Science Writing Resources

Help us build this page of science writing resources. We are looking for the best resources and links in the world for science writers.

Science Writing and Research Resources

There are a vast amount of new science writing and research resources. This list will always be incomplete but having only the best is what truly matters. Let’s make this the best science writing resource by commenting in your favorite or add it to a form and we can plug it in anonymously.

Science Writing Resources

I am always here to help.

Jobs Resources for Science Writing

When I began my career as a freelance science writer, this was the most important  resource. Today, I market very little because of viral marketing that brings clients to me and allows me to focus on writing what I feel is most important.





Organizations and Other Resources for Science Writing

I am currently becoming a member of several organizations that could benefit science writers but until I am certain they are the best, I am going to just keep these two as automatic resources all science writers should use.

National Association of Science Writers (NASW)

Reveal Your Secrets Workshop Membership

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