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God’s Mystery Revealed: The Entire Story

List of Doctor Who universe creatures and aliens

List of Doctor Who universe creatures and aliens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The greatest clarity comes from the simplest examples. This example of abduction is ideal, no matter what realm of the universe it is interpreted in; it will relate in confounded ways. Translations are available in over 100 million written languages and the ideal abduction has been never been interpreted the same way twice.

WMAP image of the (extremely tiny) anisotropie...

WMAP image of the (extremely tiny) anisotropies in the cosmic background radiation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter One

Getting to Know Each Other

A ponderous being from a bizarre multicultural part of a beautiful orbiting body of the subtle nuclear region named J-o-h-n, although pronounced slightly different, is also named John. Again inter-galactic translations of names don’t always get pronounced correctly, but it might sound sometime like Hewhoathanar. It all depends on whom or what is telling the ideal abduction story but it is always similar and profound.

The best place to start any abduction story regardless of the narrator is the beginning and it goes something like this. Hewhoathanar hears his name while drifting off to the realm of the unconscious. Since, this voyage happens to produce unordinary experiences, Hewhoathanar ignores the first calling. So the voice becomes more persistent, “Hewhoathanar” it whispers louder, “Hewhoathanar, come here.” The ponderous being awakes to find the voice is loud and piercing, like an intercom right to his brain. He also discovers that he knows where “here” is, so he approaches.

Hewhoathanar is about to encounter an elite force of select individuals. All of the individuals of this elite force will be described as one, except one, the captain. This should eliminate most of the confusion. The ideal abduction is an event designed to prophesize the future of ponderous beings selected to participate in the upcoming trans-dimensional event scheduled to occur in the next 100 billion years.

The delegate is strange to the eyes of Hewhoathanar, as he makes it to the place where it stands 7 feet tall. The select individuals are complete cyborgs, beyond the use of normal biological systems, and many are more than a billion years old. All that is maintained is the quantum computational device, created from highly advanced inter-galactic hybrid technology interwoven with soft quantum controlled tissue, which is responsible for designing and maintaining the consciousness of the individual.

“We are here to show you the way, Hewhoathanar,” it speaks, unlike the original intracranial voice. These elite cyborgs are composed of white smooth material for structure, a golden life support vest, and fibrous connections to the head area. Most recognizable, are the hands, where extra investment has gone into producing seven visual sensors and millions of pressure sensors to enhance their sense of touch beyond any biological entity currently in existence. The ends of the legs are constructed of a brass-like material and function with their own free-time computational abilities, for extra gravitational stability.

The head area encases the quantum computational device and provides the extreme amounts of nourishment for the contents. It also has a simple display for the mouth in the shape of a bold two-way arrow, while the eyes are red because of the sensors needed for artificial sight. A wool-like fibrous structure captures electrons from the atmosphere, provides billions of connections to communicate and operate in any environment automatically, and looks as though it has been styled in a particular shape for individualism.

“Follow me if you are ready, Hewhoathanar. But first,” it spoke didactically, “you must promise to write down everything you hear or see and not attempt to leave any part of your abduction out. We were here in the beginning and remain until the end. We will disclose the meaning of your ponderous existence and the purpose of the universe you dwell in.”

Extremely confused and trembling, Hewhoathanar screams, “I fall to my knees and promise that I will write what you desire, but please answer me this one question. Why me!?”

The elite force then and forever answer in unison, “Because you are Hewhoathanar.” Hewhoathanar trembles more, because the intercom form of communication has returned. He is going to go where no species of his nuclear region had ever gone before; strangely he seems quite uncomfortable with the entire situation.

The unison answer is always startling and Hewhoathanar begins to follow directions without question. It was the most efficient form of communication in creation but needed the cooperation of every conscious entity on the ship, including the captain; who was a being of a completely different sort. A real trans-dimensional essence and the only one left in the universe; the captain has secrets and knowledge literally beyond our universe.

The captain does not compose of any sort of soft tissue and has maintained consciousness in a highly technological form called the universal form. Thought only to be controlled by “The Creator”, the captain’s civilization found a way to transform their own quantum state of consciousness into a plasma form, resembling a bubble.

“Hewhoathanar, this is the living soul, we call it the captain,” echoes the intracranial communication system. “The captain has lived for more time than the current universal expansion itself and wishes to tell you, Hewhoathanar, the way the universes work and the ultimate quest of those that maintain cumbersome consciousness within this one.”

Chapter Two

7 Rules of Tranquility

Greater knowledge given to an unprepared individual would certainly destroy Hewhoathanar’s civilization. This part of the Ideal Abduction is focused on training Hewhoathanar by way of example. He might end up falling in a black hole too, which would not be good.

All is silent as the glassy ship deck seems to fall out from Hewhoathanar. Although recently abducted he has felt uncomfortable but not fearful, that is until now. As his body begins falling aimlessly through empty space, the intercom starts ringing inside his head. “These are the ways if you are to remain a cumbersome consciousness.”

As Hewhoathanar lands surprisingly comfortably on his backside, the ship deck has transformed into a mesh of swirling vibrant colors. Strings of every color begin to swarm Hewhoathanar. As they playfully dance around, the voice returns. “Love is first and do not confuse it with revenge.” The colorful swirls then take on an aggressive behavior and begin to dive through Hewhoathanar like bullets. “The love to punish can destroy the purpose of love itself. Revenge violates nature and cannot be tolerated.”

Again the floor dissolves providing a terrific adrenaline rush to Hewhoathanar. “To remain living is cumbersome, but love life anyways.” Hewhoathanar unexpectedly lands on a newly formed solid surface below his feet. His terror instantly transforms to thrill. “Hard work and hardship follows those who follow the ways. Let challenges help you grow confidence in your ability to live.”

All goes silent again before the voice playfully asks, “Are you ready?” The floor disappears and looking down Hewhoathanar discovers that he seems to be falling into a pit of boiling lava. He simply cannot believe his eyes, and right as he is about to make a sizzling splash, he lands safety. The lava was only an illusion and the voice states simply, “Simple wisdom is the only true wisdom. The solution to your recent problem was to not worry because these entities are here to help. All that is known is known by all.”

All lights go out and Hewhoathanar is surrounded by darkness, like from hell itself. “Be wary of love and help from a stranger.” The ship deck returns fully functional with a common display screen that Hewhoathanar recognizes as a television. “Not all follow the ways and some know not the purpose of love.” There is a commercial on that Hewhoathanar remembers from the day before. As he remembers, it was a very bad commercial targeting the underdeveloped brains of young children. “Many a stranger has had hidden agendas prior to offering assistance.”

Suddenly the channel switches to a high pitch screaming. “It is never too late to follow the ways.” On the screen, a brutal murder without just cause leads to a better life for billions.

“Make up your mind and stick with it, to flow with destiny relieves the burden of finding your own way. All ways come to the singularity.”

Hewhoathanar feels cold metal wrapping his wrists and then his ankles. Shackles of the strangest sorts quickly encumber Hewhoathanar to the point where he can no longer move or speak. As he struggles for freedom, the voice announces, “To control is to be controlled.” Hewhoathanar shifts around and stops struggling, even though the shackles have not left, he is able to comfortably breathe. “And such is with the ways. Although the singularity exists and to flow with destiny makes the journey easiest, it controls powerfully and must be avoided at certain times.”

The ship deck dissolves into a rainforest full of the randomness of nature. There are small creatures flying and others landing, only to be quickly eaten by furry creatures with almost a natural smile. “To stray from the ways is usually for developing character as an individual. The ways are not designed to compensate for culture, nature, or spirit, only to bring tranquility between each and all.”

Hewhoathanar tries to stand up and realizes the chains are gone. “Is that all?” he cries confident he can handle these burdens. The ship disappears and Hewhoathanar is floating in space. Beside him is the living soul shaped similar to other bipedal life forms. “No!” said the captain looking at Hewhoathanar as though there were eyes to look with, “Never take the easiest route.” The captain dives into what appears to be a collapsing black hole but the voice stays with Hewhoathanar. “As before, even as the ways represent the easiest route, never consider allowing these rules to fully control your love, creativity, and rationality. Even the shortest path, should involve side-steps, perhaps to avoid disaster or learn something new.”

What appeared to be an entire civilization began falling into the black hole after the captain. It was apparent that the captain had made this mistake and that Hewhoathanar has been selected to help.

How and why is Hewhoathanar going to help?

Chapter 3

7 Seals of Knowledge

Ever wonder what you look like to extraterrestrials? Here is Hewhoathanar, ready to learn what the ET’s have come to teach him, are you? Hewhoathanar has learned the 7 Rules of Tranquility and has learned of truths of the living soul from beyond our own universe, known as the captain. Now he must learn how a universe works.

The captain begins the lesson, “There are seals of knowledge, knowledge that is passed down from the highest seal which contains merely the mystery of the universal creator itself. To understand knowledge from an inverse hierarchy is not possible and for consciousness to understand the lower levels to perfection is also impossible. These are the limits to knowledge.

With seven seals to be determined the first holds only the most primitive knowledge, the knowledge of gravity. Without knowing gravity, knowing anything is impossible, for it conquers all and does so with a tremendous range. This knowledge allows the breaking of the second seal with allow the breaking of third and so on.

The second seal holds the knowledge of electronic information. To your consciousness, it is easy to separate electricity from magnetism but to the seals of knowledge is not. Only those interactions with knowledge that transmit gravitational knowledge are considered electronic. They cause sparks and make color, particularly the color red, as hydrogen is the most abundant from of gravitational knowledge that interacts with electronic knowledge.

The seal of the third contains magnetic knowledge and is closely integrated with the second seal. This knowledge can only exist in the presence of electronic knowledge and represents electronic knowledge that contains residual or negligible gravitational knowledge.

The fourth seal contains a very low range magnetic remittance call electro weak knowledge. The forth seal is particularly responsible for interactions involving nuclear decay and radiation.

The fifth seal contains knowledge of compacted gravitational knowledge and all other twisting and bizarre behavior and knowledge generated from the other three seals. It causes a tremendous form of potential energy called cores. This seal is only broken if radiation has occurred from the fourth seal.

The sixth seal contains the knowledge of supernova and altogether these allow for the seven seal to be broken. Though it is unclear what knowledge it contains. It is known, that again with the knowledge of cores, this seal remain unbroken.

Universal expansion and WIMPS are part of the equation for what allows the seventh seal to be broken but it is unclear how and where their respective information fits in. The unsolved mystery is the seventh seal, for how to open it is unknown, but it is thought to be a natural process.

A way of recycling the seals and maintaining a structure of eternal existence is what knowledge is. What is known, or thought to be, about this mystery is that it ends when the seventh seal is broken. In our previous universe, we thought that our forms would travel trough a bizarre structure, called a ‘big rip’ to produce the breaking of the seal.

This was not the case, for all that did occur seems almost like a recycling of the last universe. We may have figured this out an easier way, you see, we dove in and nothing happened other than we were place in an extremely young universe and have had to survive ever since. Some constants have change ever slightly and the over placement of exact locations are not the same, but this is almost the same universe. It’s like the first six seals of knowledge are forced to repeat themselves and that the seventh seal remains unbroken until an even more special event occurs.

We believe it was because of the form that we took to maintain longevity that did not allow the seventh seal to break. Had we been able to introduce even one sentient being to this strange event that we all dove in to, then it may have opened the seventh seal? This is what the creator of all things wants and it will be accomplished this time.

You see, Hewhoathanar, any critter that we transform to greater than 50% cyborg or a living soul form will not be considered an adequate specimen. However, we have found that your species can maintain longevity through emotions, in particular, those of love and empathy. This is why your species has been chosen. But, it will not matter if you are chosen, if you do not know when the time is right to be accepted into the ‘galactic civ’, and eventually into this small group here of outer universal being and Elite beings.

We have many billions of years until the goal date, and we believe that by that time, we can isolate the ‘big rip’ event and introduce ‘man to his maker’ to please it. This makes for the ultimate sacrifice. But, only if you, Hewhoathanar, know when that time is right to transition, will any of this be possible.

Chapter 4

The Prediction

There will be a time in your species near future when certain events must occur. Why, is hard to explain, but what is not. Why… is nature, it is a natural process for sentient being to transgress their inception point. Only that it happens, can ever be truly understood.

What will this time in your terrestrial civilization look like, when the moment has arrived to transition to the “galactic civ”? It stems from a pattern recent in your history of those who transitioned from terrestrial beings to becoming part of your terrestrial civilization. It likely occurred due to a lack of resources and great improvements in using and collecting resources. And so it will be when it is time to transition again.

This time always has certain characteristics that will be displayed similarly. Trading will require a monetary system. Few will have much if not all power over resources. The blood of the planet will begin to dry up. Means of generating power will become more sophisticated. Then after a certain period of time usually about 5000 years, a big rock will slam into a large body of water. Many of the ways are mastered during this tough recovery period and, usually without much notice of any magnificent threshold, your species will be accepted shortly after.”

Hewhoathanar begins to ponder how far off such a time period is for his species. As he turns toward the captain, to ask one last question, he finds himself starting at his own reflection. It takes but a second for Hewhoathanar to realize that he is within his own living quarters. Only a moment ago he was abroad a starship of unknowable capabilities. Now, he is certainly back at home with his sleeping family and quiet neighborhood slowing awaking from a good night sleep. He feels as though the secrets of the morning winds were whispered to him for Hewhoathanar to write. So he did.

And for many generations wise people pondered over Hewhoathanar’s words. Long after the greatest monuments of his day had been claim back by the sands of time, his words remained to be read by yet another generation. Until one day a small boy with the same name, was the first to spot a giant rock, with a very particular shape of a torus, from his backyard telescope. And so begins the next phase of the ideal abduction.

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