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The One Who Speaks All Languages

Engineers seeks the one who speaks all languages. The article that start me off. My first published beat in an online newpaper. Enjoy


Multiculturalism (Photo credit: TalayehS)

Have you ever come across a person that you cannot understand no matter how many times you try? Living in El Paso this happens all the time.

Most people in today’s multicultural environment have. This trend of meshing cultures has become a blessing and a curse. Along with vibrant multicultural diversity comes the inability to communicate concisely. Two neighbors living next to each other for decades in the rural U.S. can get ideas across the communication barrier with ease.

But put a British fellow in the mix and conversation just became a daunting task even though all are speaking the same language. Now for the real challenge of tomorrow; hypothetically you own a business and notice a Japanese company that could become a potential client.

What do you do? Learning Japanese in two weeks or even hiring an adequate translator could prove impossible and will most definitely cause delays that would hinder your chances of success. Well today these options are becoming obsolete thanks to a new technology called Transonic Spoken Dialog Translator.

For approximately $500 (currently in prototype stage) one can soon purchase this lovely language assistant. Of course your options are restricted to 9 popular languages and your color of choice. These limitations make little difference when an English doctor speaks his diagnosis into the translator and the words are instantly translated to the Japanese patient.


Translation (Photo credit: eatatmarks)

But this is not another monotone translation. Transonic’s developers have incorporated computer algorithms from 3 imperfect disciplines to help concisely convey not only words but emphasis on words. Characteristics of certain languages that do not easily translate into other languages are also taken into account. Its lead developer Shrikanth Narayanan quotes “Fluent two-way machine voice translation is one of the holy grails of engineering,” and now this technology can soon be implemented into your business. Oddly enough this idea is anything but new remember Star Trek’s communicators!

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