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Armageddon is Here: Religion Vs Science- Science Wins!

In a recent article debating the real Mayan prediction, it was discovered that they might be right! Don’t get too excited until you read the whole thing first. Now, the religion vs science debated has hit my desk.

Big Bang!!!

Big Bang!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of respect for religion, science is primitive at best and the “paranormal” will probably always exist. The debate, however; comes down to one single incident that many freelance science writers remember well. Steven Hawking was “ridiculed” by a religion for asking the question, “What happened before the Big Bang.” Well, religion will be forced to eat crow if the prediction made previously comes true.

Recapping Evidence: Religion Vs Science Debate

  • Religion beats science– Mayan prediction is pointing to a massive increase in human’s worldview (briefly stated they knew what happened before the Big Bang).
  • Mayan religion loses to human technology (science).
  • Then, this is even better, religions of different varieties team up against each other. (science)

Mayans and science agree that a multi-verse will be discovered at the very end of the year (late 2012- early 2013). The Hawking incident then pits religion against religion, leaving the unsung victory to “discover” our multi-verse and therefore ask, “What happened before the Big Bang.”

The Best Part

Hawking is not a “believer” in M-theory (theory that contains the multi-verse hypothesis). He asks, “What Happened,” but thinks “nothing happened.” As do many scientists working in theoretical physics. Science wins the debate of religion vs science only to form  new age religions for scientists only. One thing is FOR SURE, humans are not ready for “ascension” as the Mayans called it.

Ready or Not

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 14:  Scientist Stephen ...

PASADENA, CA – JANUARY 14: Scientist Stephen Hawking  (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Armageddon is at your doorstep! Yes, an apocalypse of universal size will occur at the very end of the year. Scientists will confirm a multi-verse or lend more proof to the idea that the entire universe emerged from the nothingness that existed before the Big Bang.

Please Join Us, It’s so easy! Comments, Comments, come on one word, please, thank you…

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