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With Internet and social marketing, it is easier now than ever before for a science expert to make a mark in the world. But what if you are simply unable to find the time or lack the expertise to write engaging articles and publish them in the right places? This is where writing, communications and training services offered by an experienced science professional can help., a science website based out of Michigan, announces that starting Monday, they will be offering great products and services at unbeatable rates. Richard Nelson, founder of, said, “Scientists, technologists and engineers who are interested in jump-starting their career will derive great benefit from our products.”

Nelson is an experienced writer, paraprofessional educator, internet marketer and entrepreneur consultant. An internet entrepreneur himself, Nelson says, “if you are a science student or professional, one of the easiest ways to get noticed in the community is by sharing your knowledge. But you need to do it in the right way, in the right places and be consistent in your efforts. We help you do that.” offers writing, communication and training services.

Simply head over to and fill out the form. Here are some direct links to some free goodies on offer:

The doors close to all free resources on Monday, 14 May 2012. Head over to, join the communication revolution and learn something new.

Written By:

Nisha Salim

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About Richard Nelson

Freelance science writing all day and night. I'm an expert at writing, marketing, and publishing. Providing writing services nearly everyday, SEO rich articles about science and tech are my specialties. I also love to make money so I'm for hire as an independent communications expert and business consultant with specializations in project management, writing, science, and engineering. With a vast network of professionals in various fields backed by two degrees, 180 credits hours, 6 graduate courses and several awards and recommendations along the way, who could go wrong?


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