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PC vs Mac

Apple Macintosh 512K

Apple (Just because this PC vs Mac blog post seems PC focused) (Photo credit: Guillermo Esteves)

PC has always been a part of my family, but I have really nothing against a Mac. The grass is never really greener on the other side. They both are full of glitches and features, both are really advancing human technology, and both need a really good competitor (IMO).

The best part about a PC is the customization and the debate over PC vs Mac comes down to this. If I am going to buy something as expensive as a computer the more options I have the better.  This is true for anything, really, but for computers it is a must.

Our family has never owned a Mac so I might not have the greatest opinion. I think Mac will continue to thrive while PC will continue to be purchase by my family. I admit Mac seems “cooler” but I’m not hype and need to considered function over popularity.

There is one part about this competition that really makes me upset and that is the fact that some software works only on one or the other and not both. From a home computer point of view that is very annoying. From a business point of view I can see the monopolizing advantage.

There is no “hands down” winner to me. If I was forced to pick PC vs Mac I wouldn’t, I’d go make my own computer. Really, my wife is pretty good at it already.

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