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The Science in Cake

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Cake science, yes, there is a process for understanding the information bakers and other cake enthusiasts use for developing the greatest cakes at an optimal price.

In the world of cakes, there are many things that sneak in that really are not cake and some other food items are cake but most never knew it.  Exploring this vast world will take you from German Chocolate Cake to the strange new desserts of the 21st century.  Alton Brown, the alleged food scientist for The Food Network, has many recipes for cake and usually explains the why’s and how’s quite well (Excellent Food Resource).

What makes a cake a cake?

  • Ingredients must contain: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and oil
  • Cooking techniques: Fluffs the cake with yeast, matrix (non-yeast), or baking powder
  • Shapes: Balls, cones, cupcakes, layers, sheets, or Swiss roll, to name a few
  • Extra Ingredients: Coffee, fruits, nuts, chocolate (a nut), other flavors, and icings

Watch this quick video about the science behind a cake rising

Putting this information together is cake science, along with engineering techniques that goes into the heating, cooling, stirring, design and packaging of certain cake products. Tons of information, but where is the magazine that explains it? Next month’s e-zine will feature a great article on cake science.

But for now what is cake?

The bread we eat multiple times a day is cake. So, are crackers, biscuits, cookies and even pie crust! They are all cake. A meat loaf is technically a cake! So is cheese cake, but really it and other custard pies only have a millimeter of “cake” on the bottom and with the crust. So are they really cake?

Want more? Of course you do, leave a comment about cake or subscribe, it’s free!

Pizza’s cake, pretzel’s cake…more in next month’s e-zine.

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