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The Impact of Population Dynamics on Socioeconomic Development in Uganda

Science is needed on the front lines of socioeconomic development. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aim to promote human development by ensuring improvements in a range of areas including poverty alleviation, education, health and environment (United Nations General Assembly, 2000). All goals are interlinked and closely related to population issues. The achievements of such goals … Continue reading

What are the Symptoms of Malaria?

Infection with malaria parasites may result in a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from absent or very mild symptoms to severe malaria and even death. Malaria disease can be categorized as uncomplicated or severe (complicated), so it is important to know what are the symptoms of malaria. The incubation period in most cases varies from 7 to … Continue reading

Most Amazing Android Secret

Ever wonder how those great Android apps are made? It must be time consuming and full of tedious hours of testing and tweaking right? Using an Android xml editor is the secret: Not anymore, in fact, if you managed to copy and paste a YouTube Embed code you might be an Android app maker. No … Continue reading

Memorial Day in the age of Post-Modernism

There are seven billion people on this planet. More than half of all humans who ever lived is currently eating, growing and developing into a full grown homo sapiens sapiens. But, are we really homo sapiens sapiens any more, in the post modernism era? In the last 150 years science has changed the entire world, … Continue reading

5/26/2012 — 6.0M in Japan — 7 days of movement shows areas to watch

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:
Published on May 26, 2012 by dutchsinse website post with screenshots of the past 7 days of 5.0M earthquakes and greater :… use the links here to monitor earthquakes globally:…

Where the Wild Things Are

Originally posted on the eff stop:
I’m easily distracted by any photo op. After riding the rails to Denver, Karen and I caught a cab to the Car Rental lot in Denver near the airport. As she inspected the car I caught a glimpse of a bunny face-off in the small patch of grass separating…

Using the 4 R’s

A popular way to respect our planet is to do activities related to the 4 R’s. They are recycle, reuse, reduce and restore. A simple survey has produced a need for a  list related to these concepts. Everyday people need to become more conscious of their environment and learn to use the 4 R’s. Using … Continue reading

bonfire after finals.

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Finally finals are over! After spending the entire last week in the library, I had my last final on Friday and now I’m free! What an amazing feeling…! So many things have happened in the last couple of days – I’ve barely been home and we’ve really been…

Walk A Mile In My Shoes: The Angry Black Man

Every day the black man cross the street, a radar is attached to his face and his color. They are the ones who are feared by other faces who describe them as nothing more than an animal. The chosen type of animal for the black man is a monkey. They look like a monkey, act … Continue reading

Writing Services for Engineers

Upon request this announcement has been published for those interested in the services provided here at Freelance Science Writing‘s website. New Engineering Writing Services Dear Fellow Engineer: Mixing engineering with communications is what I do best but I have been down a long road of learning. I write for big, small and start up businesses and coach all … Continue reading

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