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3 Steps for Picking a Science Topic

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It is hard to pick a science topic, with so much going on in the world right now.  That is why I would like to pick the topic of picking a science topic, itself. It seems like it could have the biggest impact, if done properly.

Lately, there has been no lack in the amount of new information to write a great science article with. I ran across several topics, today alone, that need to be discussed in the light of the general public just by browsing. These topics range from life on other planets to enjoying the moment and what damage it might cause.

The best way to narrow down a science topic involves three steps. So, here they are in a list.

3 Steps for Picking a Science Topic

  1. Select which general fields the audience is interested in, like biology, physics, etc.
  2. If there is more than one general field look for interdisciplinary fields that have both interest groups involved, like biophysics. If you only have one field, look for subfields, like microbiology.
  3. Use the field or subfield to find the newest discoveries or information available within, we endorse EurekAlert. Use that as the main science topic of your next great article.

This usually leads to some extra research to make sense of the very specific information, but the topic can be narrowed to just a part of the information or discovery as well. Sometimes, I find great technology topics in the method sections of philosophy articles. It is always worth a peek.

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