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Weather as Fake as Salesmen

Viking lawn mower.

This year the winter weather has been very warm. In March 2012 we felt the biggest difference. It almost felt like an early spring, but it was missing something. It felt fake.

So, if you thought that only humans had the ability to display false intensions read on.

To reassure this fake weather, spring has finally arrived in Michigan. Yesterday’s and today’s seasonal weather reminded me of how fake the unseasonal weather of March 2012 felt. I know it was not the weather that had thought me to be wary of false intentions. It was salesmen.

In the world of business nothing has worth unless it generates sales. This often requires persuading people to forget their own intentions and become overwhelmed with the false pretenses salesmen are trying to display as truths. Many of us have learned to live with this mentality of salesmen, but when the weather started behaving very similar, I thought it might be a time to reflect.

First off, acting on those false pretenses is almost always detrimental. March in Michigan is a snowball feast with ice fishing, so when the weather decided to look much more like spring, people bought it and began planting flowers. The lawn mowers were roaring and even the trees were fooled into blooming much too early. Well, two days ago it snowed. Welcome back to reality.

By doing some research before you “buy” anything, it will always help. In today’s world it’s kill or be killed, so if you are not at least trying to kill the sale you will be killed by it.  I kept my sled in my yard for a reminder of what the weather should be like and will eventually return to. That research was not hard because it’s common sense to understand the seasonal patterns of your home area. It sure did fool a lot of residents here in Michigan though.

Ice fishing in the Finnish Miljoonapilkki fish...

Never trust a salesman with a pitch, and never trust unseasonal weather, they are both fake, ALWAYS!

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