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Self Employment in the Animal Kingdom

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders and monkeys what do they have in common? (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Humans have the tendency to think that they are something special. Many even claim that they are not a part of the animal kingdom. Many struggle with elite “human” tasks that other animals could not have the slightest possible understanding or appreciation for. In the case of the arctic monkey and self-employment this is not true. The recent observation of a single clan approaching a resource in a new way and dominating the market of that resource has psychologist second guessing the development of many human characteristics.

The pictures and utilization of the beloved snow monkey from Japan are wide spread. From selling heaters to selling automobiles these monkeys know one thing and that is how to run a market. It all started over 50 years ago when the very first snow monkey was observed jumping into the hot waters of Hell’s Valley. From that point on, that one monkey created an entire industry and all the other monkeys wanted in on it. The family has dominated the resource ever since, passing the rule of the land over to the next generation head female of the clan.

The following video is just the beginning of this wonderful story called “Life”

YAMANOUCHI, JAPAN - JANUARY 30:  Japanese Maca...

YAMANOUCHI, JAPAN – JANUARY 30: Japanese Macaque monkeys relax in the hot spring at the Jigokudani (Hell’s Valley) Monkey Park on January 30, 2010 in Yamanouchi, Japan. This Macaque troop regularly visits the Jigokudani-Onsen springs to escape the cold. This behaviour originates from a female Macaque who ventured into the hot springs to retrieve soybeans in 1963. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Only members of this one clan are allow to bath in these waters, all others are considered a threat and treated as such. Now, the monkeys are showing even more seemingly human characteristics, they are expanding the business to include delicables as well.  In this fast learning group of monkeys, the interaction with humans has been critical. This next phase has the monkeys diving to the bottom of the lake while holding their breath for over a minute at a time.

The monkeys are searching for leftover food left by tourists. The pellets are collected by some of the monkeys and brought back to the surface as a means of self-preservation and even a mode of status gain.  This spectacular and strikingly fast growth of a developed economic system with a group of lesser apes has the scientist baffled and might even be signs of micro evolution right before our eyes.

So what can we learn from these monkeys? It is important to find the new way to exploit resources and to take a firm stance in our given markets. Join us for more this month about connecting science with business owning, operating and management.

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