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Playgrounds and Writing a Weekend Blog

coriolis & centripetal force

coriolis & centripetal force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the first weekend blog of many to come, and I would like to ask if you know the difference between centripetal force and centrifugal force? If not then you’ll love this post, if so, then you probably like the connection I make to writing as a professional.

Yesterday was “Fun Friday”. So, my extra hour was supposed to be spent with my two boys just having some good fun outside. If you read yesterday, I spent this hour fulfilling part of a rush order along with my workout hour.  Still, I finished on schedule and made use of the late afternoon to go to the park with my boys and still have a fun Friday. This gave me some great material for my next blog post, as we discovered the hidden centripetal force of a merry-go-round.

How to Teach Kids About Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

The overall force that manifests upon travelling along a curved path is called centrifugal force. It differs from centripetal force, which is just the force that feels like something is pushing you from the center of the circular path you’re travelling on.  So, a merry-go-round and two kids at different distances from the center displays these principles nicely.

I placed one boy, the oldest, at the center and the youngest on the edge. This allowed both to enjoy the experience relatively. My younger felt very little centripetal force because the farther from the center the less centripetal force in generated and the overall centrifugal force maintaining the uniform circular motion was minimized.

Now, my oldest had the ride of his life, and also had to hang on for dear life. His hanging on became part of the centrifugal force needed to overcome the centripetal force, called a reaction force.  They walked away a little dizzy and a little wiser to the laws of physics. I walked away with a get way to incorporate this into a common writing technique called drafting.

How to Understand Drafting as a Centrifugal Force

Most professional writers have a tendency to disregard approximately 90% of anything they have ever written in prose.  This is like a writer’s struggle toward the middle of a high speed merry-go-round.  Just jumping on can take a buildup of a bunch of momentum. This comes from research and interest building stages of which eventually allow you to grab and hang on to the wild ride of a given subject.

This energythat is exerted by jumping on is the initial centrifugal force needed to enter the arena of writing. As you stand on the outside edge of the high-speed merry-go-round it becomes evident that there is a constant energy required, just to get balanced and remain on the ride.  This reminds me of a new idea within a given topic.


Centripetalacceleration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get that idea to its most seasoned and well represented form one must struggle with the ride as it becomes harder and requires more and more effort, or centrifugal force,  to sustain the balance. Occasionally, I fall as do most riders, or writers. This is the drafting phase where 90% of anything written will become irrelevant or has no direct propose in the later editorial phases of the writing process.

There is a region at the very center of a merry-go-round called the axis. At this point, an event horizon exists. Event horizons are areas where within things behave very differently that outside of the horizon. At the axis of the merry-go-round the centripetal force does not exist. It becomes effortless to exist on the merry-go-round and therefore a new idea is born and accepted into the community of experts.

Some take home points: Some kids can learn a lot from playground equipment, drafting seems like wasted work but is really the required energy to remain balanced and topic focused until your writing is polished to the perfection that it stands alone, and finally subscribing to this blog will benefit you and all of your friends tremendously.

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